1. He tenses up when his cell phone is near you.
You both know you should respect each other’s privacy and trust one another, but for him to worry about you looking through his phone spells something else. You don’t want to jump into any conclusions, but there’s really no reason for him to be paranoid or worried if he has nothing to hide.


2. He deletes his search history in his browser, Instagram, and Facebook.
Who has time—who BOTHERS—to do all this? Unless he went through NSFW stuff on his office computer, a guy wouldn’t really be doing this.

3. He gets a lot of texts and calls while he’s on a date with you.
Unless he’s a doctor or a reporter on-call, and unless family drama just happened, that’s kind of fishy.

4. What’s fishier is if he doesn’t open the messages or even look at his phone to see who’s trying to reach him, especially if you’re next to him.
Sure, he’s on a date with you, and to respect you he’s not going to be glued to his phone. But if he keeps saying "it’s just work" or "it’s nothing" when he hasn’t read the messages?

5. He doesn’t introduce you to his friends and family.
If your relationship is a secret/taboo for whatever reason, this is understandable from the start. But eventually he’s going to have to let you into the other aspects of his life if he’s serious about you. That’s just the way things go.

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6. His family and friends don’t even know he’s dating someone.
They should at least know that, right? That someone actually got his interest? It IS a big of a deal.

7. He doesn’t talk about his day, but if he does, it’s all vague.
If all he says is "It’s okay. I just worked" every single day, he might have a really boring life, a stressful one, or a secret he would like to keep from you. #JustSaying

8. The details of his story contradict each other.
It’s normal to get confused about things that happened last week—we can be pretty forgetful, too. But when he tells you "Georgina said something funny at the party last week"—when he had told you she wasn’t there—well.

9. Your dates aren’t in public places.
You should know how he feels about you if you just keep going to motels.

10. He doesn’t hold your hand in public.
You guys look like siblings or fighting lovers. Besides that, not holding hands when you guys are dating is just sad (again, unless the relationship is taboo for now). And whenever you hold his hand, he makes some excuse about having to let go. (Yes, your heart just broke. Again.)


11. He sweet-talks his way out of your suspicions.
"Babe, you know you’re the only person for me. Always have been, always will be." Actually, no. You DON’T know. Not anymore.

12. Or he beats around the bush.
"|What counts as sleeping with someone?" "What do you mean, 'Do I like her?'" "We’re just friends." Yeah, with benefits?!

13. He blames you every time.
He says it’s your fault you’re suspicious and it’s your fault you doubt him. But if he hasn’t done anything at all to stop you from distrusting him, the fault is his.

From: cosmo.ph


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