1While it's tempting to give unsolicited advice to a new mom, it may sometimes do more harm than good. A first-time mother is adjusting to an unfamiliar lifestyle, so cut her some slack. Her mind is probably filled with thoughts of keeping her baby safe and healthy. Show a little sensitivity by avoiding these comments.

1. "Your baby super looks like your husband, and not you." Maybe because he's the father.


2. "Oh, don't do that. This is how I do it!"
1While you may have good intentions, the way you speak to her implies that you know better. If you do mean well, choose your words and tone.

3. "I can handle this." Oh, so you're the baby's superhero?

4. "You're not breastfeeding? Why?! Try harder!!!" Don't you think she wants to breastfeed her child? It's not as if she wants him or her to starve!

5. "You're so lucky to stay home all day."
1Yeah, it's almost like a vacation, but she has to be on call 24/7 without pay.

6. "Oh, you left him with a yaya? Buti ikaw kaya mo."
It may appear that you think her leaving her child with a yaya makes her bad mother because she needs to keep a job to pay the expenses. But if you're genuinely concerned, ask nicely where she found her yaya, and calmly suggest that she installs a CCTV system for everyone's peace of mind.

7. "She seems too small for an X-month old." Not all babies are born the same. They all grow at a different pace. Stop stressing her out.

8. "I lost the baby weight in two months."
1Are you calling her fat?

9. "My baby never cries like that." Lucky you.

10. "You look tired." Really? Do you really need to rub it in that she has sleepless nights tending to her bundle of joy?

11. "When are you due?" Yikes. She just had her baby, and what you are seeing is her post-partum weight gain. Again, never go into the F-word territory.

What you should say to her:
"While the journey to motherhood may be full of ups and downs, I'm sure you'll do great! And if you need any help, I'll be here for you." 1

PHOTO: Instagram @Andi Manzano; GIFS: Giphy

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