1. "I’m fine."
Hiding your feelings is appropriate when you’re at work or in public. But with your friends or your S.O., stop saying you’re fine when you’re really not, and quit hoping they’ll be mind readers and they'll know something is up with you. You’ll most likely be extra upset that they didn’t notice how sad you are. Be fair to them when they express their genuine concern for you—what are your friends and your S.O. for if you can’t even open up to them?

2. "No one cares for me."

Not true. If they knew something was up with you, your good friends and your family would jump in in a heartbeat.

3. "I’m fat."

It’s okay if you say this as a statement of fact or with pride, since that’s really empowering in the sense that no one can insult you with it and you’re actually accepting and loving yourself. But when you say you’re fat to demean yourself—when you even demean yourself—you’re being the worst person EVER to yourself. Not to mention you’re being counterproductive. If you don’t like the way you look, do something about it (know your limits). Otherwise, stop whining.

4. "Am I fat? Be honest."

No one ever knows how to respond to this, because it always feels like a trap. More often than not, it is. If you’re fishing for compliments, well, you not only come off as desperate but also self-absorbed.

5. "Yeah, but she’s fat."

Is this the worst thing you can say against someone? If it is, that says a lot about you than anyone else.

6. "I’m not like other girls."

What’s that supposed to mean? You don’t wear makeup, you don’t dress up, you don’t go on diets, you don’t like wearing heels? Newsflash: There are other girls who DON’T do any of those, too. And there are girls who do some and don’t do some. But that doesn’t mean girls who do or don’t or are in between are more superior. Don’tbelittle or hate on girls who are different from you, and don’t think you’re the best girl out there (unless you’re psyching yourself up for a job interview or something).

7. "I hate girls."

What did girls—all girls in the world—ever do to you? If it’s because you’re annoyed at (your stereotype of) girls, go back to #6.

8. "All guys are the same."

A few experiences don’t merit such a conclusion, whether you mean to say they’re all gentlemen or douchebags. Don’t box people up according to your perception of genders, because you’re seriously not giving them any chance to communicate and be themselves around you.

9. "All guys are cheaters."

I know this is said in the worst of heartbreaks, and I’m going out on a limb here by taking statements like it seriously. But it’s really just not true. I promise. I’m pretty sure you know that in your heart of hearts and in your mind. So why are you still saying it?

10. "I should just be a lesbian. Life would be so much easier."

Uh, how? Life’s hard for everyone in many different ways, sweetie.

11. "#WalangForever" or "#MayForever"

What’s with this OBSESSION with forever? Some couples break up, some stay together for a lifetime. It’s okay to feel sad that our favorite OTP (FYI, that's One True Pairing) went their separate ways—of course! But don’t be so all over the place about no forevers—do YOU want to forever be with someone who no longer makes you happy? Someone who hurts you, cheats on you? In certain scenarios, breakups are for the best. Also, if you’re going to stay in a relationship, make sure it’s because of the person you love, not the relationship. Screw forever.

From: cosmo.ph

PHOTO: Pixabay

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