1. You and your partner make sure to contact each other every day.
Being apart is hard, and it does take a toll on any relationship. That's why you guys reach out to one another everyday. It's your way of showing that you love that person, that you're there, that you care. It could be by composing emails to each other, sending stickers and other cute messages on Viber/WhatsApp/Facebook, or sending snaps via Snapchat.

2. He's still the person you open up to about everything.
It's great that you guys update each other about your lives on a daily basis. But there's more to intimacy than that. It's about sharing your thoughts and feelings about stuff, and you guys reserve these feelings for one another. You might open up to your friends about your ideas, but you prioritize your guy over them, like he has to hear/read them first, or he gets the expounded version of what you tell your friends.

3. You visit one another.
It's a splurge considering traveling isn't cheap. But it's not like you see him all the time or you go to his country a lot. Plus it's totally worth it since he'll take you around whenever he's free. You might even have a place to stay (aka his), so lodging will be taken care of! And while he works during the day, you get to explore on your own. <

4. You guys have surprise visits!
If planned visits are already exciting, what more the unexpected ones. It's a clear gesture of missing each other, wanting to be together, and actually bridging the gap. And when it happens after a fight, you know that he wants to make peace and continue to make the relationship work.

5. You guys still do things as a couple.
Like watch your favorite movies and TV shows together while you're both on Skype, or play video games together if that's your thing. They're your version of date nights/days! And even if they're not as glamorous as before, you guys don't seem to mind because you're just so happy to be spending time together.

6. You guys have a joint blog/Tumblr where you put all your thoughts for each other, travel plans, date ideas, and other goals in life.
It's a great way to stay connected and to have fun with one another and enjoy being in a relationship. You guys can get creative and dream about your futures as a solid couple.

7. He lets you go out and have fun with your friends, and you let him have his own adventures too.
Stable and secure relationships need individuals who are independent. Otherwise either or both of you will be consumed by jealousy, trust issues, and doubt—all of which cause unnecessary strain and problems.

8. You guys send each other presents via snail mail.
Special deliveries for no particular reason? Handwritten letters or postcards? These seem outdated, but they're still considered romantic for a reason: the time, love, and effort you put into them. Not to mention the fact that the gift will arrive unexpectedly!

9. Whenever you guys are together, you make sure to spend as much time with each other as possible.
This is how things should be! Every moment is precious, so you don't take any of it for granted.

10. You guys try not to start fights.
It's hard to be fighting with your guy when you're apart. Reconciling is great, but things don't feel 100 percent okay right away since you don't know if he really means it, or if you guys are okay enough to hug and kiss—precisely because you guys are far from each other. So that's why you guys are patient with one another, are extra understanding, and listen well before barking.

11. You both know that on this particular day/year, you guys will finally be together physically and for good.
LDRs are hard, and the love lessons we learn are definitely worth keeping. But let's be honest: The time should come when you won't be apart anymore. After all, what keeps you in the relationship is not just the love, but also the hope that one day you'll settle down together.

This story originally appeared on Cosmo.ph.

* Minor edits have been made by the Femalenetwork.com editors.

PHOTO: Pixabay; GIFs: Giphy

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