It’s easy to grow up feeling jaded about romance what with tales of cheating spouses, unhappy marriages, and couples splitting up left and right. But believe it or not, there are still a few more hopeless romantics out there who believe in true love. Are you one of them? Scroll down and find out!

1. You believe in serendipity.
"He’s having coffee where I’m having coffee! That has to mean something, right?!"

2. You still believe in The One.
You’re convinced that you have just one soul mate and that he's just around the corner.

3. You think love is worth waiting for.
Cases in point: Lorelai and Luke. Rachel and Ross. Blair and Chuck. It doesn’t matter how many seasons of near misses and barely-there flirting you have to endure to see these characters get together, true love is WORTH IT!

4. You believe in love at first sight.
In fact, you've researched about it. According to a study featured on Byrdie, "12 areas of your brain work together to release chemicals and hormones that induce the feeling of falling in love, all of which happens in just a fifth of a second." Now, that's romantic!

5. To you, love doesn't always have to make sense.
Opposites attract. He loves to annoy you, so he must like you. I said I loved you, but I lied.

6. You’re a walking encyclopedia of chick flicks.
She’s All That, 27 Dresses, Love, Actually—you’ve seen them all. In fact, Julia Roberts in Notting Hill is your life peg. "I'm just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her."

7. You have a song for every milestone in your love life.
The summer you had your first crush, all you listened to was Sixpence None The Richer's "Kiss Me." The first time you experienced unrequited love, you put Coldplay’s "Shiver" on repeat. Girl, you’re going to love our Spotify hugot playlist!

8. You always look at the brighter side.
You’re in love with love. You cannot not see the silver lining in everything.

9. You live for happy endings.
You cry when the guy gets the girl and vice-versa. You cry harder when they don’t or someone dies or experiences something equally tragic. P.S. Don’t watch Game of Thrones. Don’t watch One Day. Don’t watch Bridge to Terabithia.

10. You’re constantly updated on your barkada’s love life.
You know exactly when Ryan proposed to Evelyn and when Marcie found out Jason was cheating on her and when Marcie got together with her forever abanger Anton.

11. You believe in grand gestures.
It's the ultimate expression of love. There's nothing quite like being surprised by a flash mob at your office or receiving a hundred red roses when you get home. TBH, you’re not always easy to please, but naman, you know you’re worth it.

SCREENCAP: Valentine's Day/New Line Cinema (2010); GIFS: Giphy

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