Thought a few years of dating will let you in on what makes your husband tick? That was just a preview! You won't truly know the man until you’ve traveled with him (possibly shared an eight-hour flight delay or layover) or shared space with him every single day. Here are some things about him that just might surprise you:

1. He will turn his phone off and possibly shoot you dagger looks when you go online on Pacquiao fight day.

Nothing spoils a local telecast of the Pacquiao match more than someone saying, "I know who won already!" So I’ve learned to put my poker face on, ask him to pass the bowl of chips, and suggest getting a Pay-per-view subscription next time.

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2. One dusty spot on the car merits a two-hour wash-down and waxing.
"It’s hardly noticeable," I would say, but then he compares it to wearing soiled shoes and I kind of understand.

3. He is more loyal to his hairstylist/barber than most women are to their stylists.

Sure, I stick to my fave hairstylist, but whenever I really need a quick trim, an in-house stylist will do. This doesn’t work for him and makes sure his stylist is available before he makes a trip for his monthly trim.

4. They love planning your vacations and out-of-the country trips as much as you do.

Who doesn’t love a travel companion who studies all the maps and the subway station stops, right?

5. He can root for different sports teams when there are simultaneous matches going on.

Basketball, MMA, even tennis matches, all on the same day (sometimes, they’re all going on at the same time). How can one possibly keep up?

6. They will go inside a hardware store every time you're at the mall even when they don't need anything.

Ace Hardware and True Value are his versions of H&M and Zara.

7. Big screen TVs fascinate him. A lot.

He says I seem to gravitate towards shoes while at the mall. Big-screen TVs have the same effect on him.

8. He has an uncanny memory for news and current affairs, sports stats, and movie actor names from B movies.

Who played the bestfriend in that B movie whose title you can’t even remember? Ninety percent of the time, he will know it without the help of Google.

9. It takes forever for him to order off a restaurant menu.

He really takes time to think about what he wants to get. But when you’re negotiating with pages of appetizers, mains, and even side dishes, it’s hard to stay patient. Needless to say, he knows the meaning of a "hangry" wife.


10. He is just as big a softie as you are.
Sure, he scoffs at me whenever I cry over tear-jerking scenes in movies but when we’re in the middle of a fight, I know that he can’t sleep, too. And on those days when just when you need a hug? He’ll give you one, no questions asked.

PHOTO: Instagram @therealmarian; GIFS: Giphy

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