Plus-one, package deal, red flag—these are the labels that single fathers are often branded with every time someone explicates our situation, especially when it comes to dating. But is it really that hard to date our kind? Aside from the timely dadbods, here are the 10 other things that you might want to consider before giving your number to a hot and single… dad.

1. Priorities, priorities, priorities
You’ll never be our number one priority—it might sound unforgiving, but sugarcoating it won’t really make any difference. Unlike normal single guys, single dads don’t have the luxury of time to enjoy sudden getaways, regular nights out, and lengthy beach trips, since we need to attend to our kids as much as possible. Remember that we have a lifetime obligation to themit's not something that you can bargain with.
So if you really want to date our kind, make sure that you have plenty of patience to deal with canceled dates, stay-at-home weekends, and fast-food sprees (or any place that has chicken and spaghetti) that’ll definitely hinder your healthy diet.

2. The case of the ex
In case you forgot, my kid didn’t just pop out of nowhere and chose me as his father. There’s also his mom who, just like me, cares for him unconditionally. Although we decided to call it quits eons ago, you have to accept the fact that we will still share a relationship as long as it involves our child. Simply put, we’ll continue to talk and see each other for the welfare of our kid. She’s still the mother of my child and you’ll have to respect that.

3. Don't get jealous.
Now just because we’re talking and we seem comfortable with each other doesn't mean that we’re getting back together. This isn't Hollywood and we won't instantly rekindle our romance every time we touch hands. The moment we decided to go our separate ways despite having a child means we both undertood that things weren't going to work out, and we’re keeping it that way. I would also appreciate it if you stop scrolling through our messages in secret.

4. You’ll sometimes become invisible.
As daddy-bonding commences, there will be occasions (a lot, actually) wherein you’ll end up fading into the background. You might end up holding our things or walking a step behind while my kid and I wrestle-play each other at the mall. Or you'll be glued to the bench while being forced to watch a non-competitive one-on-one basketball game every time we play hoops. And once we get hold of the gaming console, honestly, you will cease to exist. Moments like these will take place and it’s really up to you how you take it.

5. You’ll need to make ligaw.
Not to me, of course, but you really need to get on my kid’s good side if you want our relationship get a go signal. Spoil him with chocolates, candies, and whatnot. You can also consider this as a payback for making me wait a month before saying yes—I’m joking.

6. Our parenting styles might clash.
We all have our own idea of parenting and more often than not, it gets into conflict with another. I may be pro-sige-sa-mantsa while you're not.

7. Three is not a crowd.
Dinner reservations? You might want to get three seats instead of two. Oh, another thing. We need to get home before 10:00 p.m.

8. You might want to let your parents know.
Meeting your parents for the first time? Easy. One problem: You haven’t explained our situation fully and they're still clueless that I have a mini-me waiting at home. I understand that you’re still waiting for the right time to confess everything, but the longer you put it off, the more it makes me look like a coward and a liar.

9. Congratulations, you'll be an instant mom!
If you've ever gone over the proverbial hump of being our accidental nanny and finally getting his approval, then congrats, you’re an instant mom! That means you now have a cute little brat that’ll pick you up when you’re feeling down and give you unlimited sweet kisses to warm you up.

10. You'll be dating a guy who's looking at the bigger picture.
We’re no longer interested in short-term fun and goals. We’re making the most of our time investing in the future, not just for our own, but also for our children. You ready to own a mom-van?

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