Being attracted to the opposite sex is easy, like Sunday mornings, but finding someone whom we're comfortable with and who makes us happy is another. Here, signs that you're already that person!

You don't bring up the past.

Trust us, a girlfriend who keeps bringing up the past is way scarier than all the chapters of The Conjuring and Insidious combined. And haunting a relationship with ghosts of past arguments (that were supposedly settled eons ago) is a definite relationship killer. If you can’t keep yourself from digging up the skeletons of your relationship, then there’s no way you can make any kind of progress towards the future. It’s that simple.

We're not the center of your universe.

We love a woman who has her own life, so hang out with your friends and pamper yourself with some me-time—just do your own thing. Tip: Guys hate it when girls become super clingy. Being in a relationship doesn’t mean you need to rearrange your schedule so you can always eat your meals with him—breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Give us a chance to miss you.

You're your own woman.

We love seeing you strive for success in your own independent way and witnessing your passion for your interests and hobbies. We'll never get tired of a woman who can stand on the ground with her own two feet. Your achievements won’t only make us proud, but also make us fall for you even more. Because, well, who here doesn’t love a winner?

You're secure.

Having faith in your partner not only gives you two peace of mind, but also develops trust. None of those "Sana ako lang," "Tell me if you have found another," or "May iba na ba?"

You're adventurous.
Are you willing to try out new things? Having an open mind helps us create a special bond with you, a distinctive moment that we will always cherish and remember. Moreso if this trait also translates in bed. Which leads us to…

You know sex(y).

Full disclosure: Every guy dreams of having a sex kitten as a partner. Nothing can put a grin on our faces faster than knowing that we're going to get laid once we get home—or wherever. If you have a huge collection of Victoria’s Secret lingerie and are an expert in the art of seduction, we'll definitely think thrice before breaking up with you. On a more serious note, however, we all know that sex builds intimacy in a relationship. It's not the only thing that matters, but it's pretty high up the hierarchy.

You embrace change.
It's not about changing your wardrobe or dyeing your hair overnight (athough we wouldn't mind coming home to a fiery red head or a hot blonde every now and then), but rather, learning how to cope with the times. We want to Stop playing the nakilala-mo-na-ako-na-ganito card. It’s not helping.

You know just which buttons to push.

Knowing when to simply let it slide and when to give an earful is one of the things that'll make you an awesome girlfriend. After all, we have mood swings, too, and we appreciate it when you sense that we're not ready to have yet another conversation about how we forgot to pay the bills or how we just don't seem to meet your expectations. It kind of reveals just how much you look out for our well-being, too, and that's... really nice.

You respect us.
You allow us to be ourselves. While you accept our imperfections, you also urge us to become better in every way without necessarily imposing your will on us. You also appreciate our efforts to urge you to play NBA 2K with us and you have the patience to learn how to execute a crossover. You don't take us for granted. You see us as your confidant, your best friend, and your partner in crime, not just some guy you call your boyfriend when it's convenient.

You make a conscious effort to bond with the family.
You know everyone in the family and everyone loves you. In fact, you're the first person our moms connive with every time we need "punishment." This is the ultimate indicator. Just like what Robert de Niro said in Meet The Parents, a family is a circle of trust, and if you get accepted in another family's circle, there's no way you're not awesome.

PHOTO: Flickr Creative Commons/Micah Camara

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