Relationships can turn sour when you least expect it. The trick is to recognize the symptoms early on. How do you know? These 10 signs may help!

1. You’re not bothered even if he hasn’t called you for a week.

He was the first person you called in the morning and the last person you spoke to at night. Now you two can’t even be bothered to text each other. Not that anyone’s complaining.
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2. You find yourself crushing hard on somebody else.

A crush is harmless, but if you find yourself growing more and more infatuated with a new McDreamy, then it might be time to reassess your relationship.
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3. He surprises you with flowers, but you don’t get kilig.

If you’re more annoyed at the fact that he just gave you additional clutter, then something’s not right.
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4. You roll your eyes at him more and more.

Whether you mean to or not, you're getting more and more exasperated of being tied up in the relationship, and you're letting it show.
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7. He suggests a romantic getaway and it’s all you could to keep from throwing up.

Mentally, you already are.
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8. You’d rather spend the weekend with your girlfriends than with him.

After a long day at work, you look more forward to drinking with your best girls than hanging out with him.
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9. You ignore his calls.

Did someone hear a phone ring? No? Yep.
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10. You're already fantasizing about how hot your updated Facebook profile picture will be without him.

Don't deny it!
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(Flashbox screencap from True Blood courtesy of HBO)

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