Having our own room used to be all we ever hoped for, but lately, we’ve been thinking that perhaps sharing a room with our sister is even better. After all, we’re way past the stage when we have to worry that she’d find our secret diary (locked inside the third bottom drawer) and read it or the stage when we sneak out to go out with the boyfriend only to have her catch us red-handed. In fact, here are 10 reasons why sharing a room with our sister is a good thing.


1. You can raid her closet anytime.
It's like having an extended closet! When you find that you have absolutely nothing to wear, you know that she'll have just the perfect LBD you can borrow.

2. You can watch movies like Insidious 2 and The Conjuring and have someone to be scared with at night.

Even though you're both jumping at every sound and shadow, at least you don't have to face your fears alone.

3. You’ll never have to leave for your date looking less than 100 percent ready.

You don't always want to hear what she has to say (i.e. that dress makes you look fat), but you're grateful when she points out the tear on your hem or the lipstick stain on your collar.

4. You won’t panic too much in case the electricity suddenly goes out.

Even though you know it's just an ordinary fuse problem, you can't help but get startled by the overwhelming darkness. With your sister around, you'll at least have someone to look for a rechargeable lantern with.

5. Asking her to give you a massage is easier since she’s already in the room anyway.

Sisters do each other favors. If your lower back is giving you hell, just wave at her from across the room. She knows you'll return the favor soon enough.

6.There’s always be someone to wake you up five minutes after you turn off the alarm clock.

It's easy to believe that you'll wake up after you press the snooze button, but you're only fooling yourself. Having your sister around, you'll at least know that you won't be late for work.

7. There’ll always be someone to listen to you rave about your crush at the office.

Crushing on someone at the office? You can't always tell your co-workers about it because gossip tends to spread easily, but at night, just before you go to bed, you can gush about him to your sister.

8. There’ll always be someone to listen to you rant about that jerk in your office.

And of course, having your sister in the same room also allows you to let out a little steam.

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9. There’ll always be someone to cover you with a blanket in case you fall asleep without one.
When you come home late and too exhausted to do anything but fall on your bed, you can count on your sister to try to make you feel comfortable.

10. Even when you grow up and live in different homes (or rooms), you’ll always be close.
Sharing the same room as your sister inevitably draws you two closer together. Even if you fight like cats and dogs now, you know you'll miss her when she's gone.

(Photo from The Little Black Door via Elizabeth@The Little Black Door on Pinterest)

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