Your mom can be your supporter and your savior. She can seem like your your number one critic, but she can also be your mentor. This coming Mother's Day, tell her much you appreciate her. If you're not on good terms with your mom, maybe now is the time to make amends. Here, women share some of the best things they love about their moms.

1. She always makes you feel loved.
"What I love the most about my mama is that she may not be perfect, but she always made me feel loved." –Honey, 40

"I love the way she secretly loves me. I thought she was the enemy, the joy killer but now I see that she's one of the real friends that I have. I just have to dig deep into her heart and mine." –Anne

"I love everything about her, especially her unconditional love." –Vivian

2. She is persistent.
"What I love about her is her strong and persistent personality. Even if she is having a hard time, she will do anything to succeed." –Karina, 23

3. She is strong.

"My mom works abroad and has to deal with loneliness and being away from us. It's difficult but she's trying to be strong for us and the whole family." –Krista, 24

4. She can handle any situation with grace.
"I love her ability to rationalize and work through any tough situation." –Xanne, 25

5. She will always be there to support you.
"My mom and I aren't very showy with our feelings. We don't hug and I don't kiss her on the cheek. We don't say 'I love you' either. But even with all the emotional baggage between us, I know that she'll always be there for me." –Jane, 28

6. She’s always got your back.
"Though matalak na number one critic ko siya, pag once may nang-away sakin, she'll protect me." –PurpleMj, 28

7. She is a super mom.
"What I love about her is her incomparable skills as a mom, wife, and a working mother. At higit sa lahat yung lakas na makikita mo sa kanya na nagbibigay ng motivation sa akin bilang anak niya at ngayon na ina na din ay gusto kong maipakita at maibahagi sa aking mga anak." Valerie, 24

8. She is very independent.
"Being a single mom was difficult–she had to do a lot of things on her own but still, she raised me well and even taught me on how to be independent as well!" –Ana, 25

9. She never wants to stop learning.
"I love my mom's career-mindedness. She never stopped honing her craft and she never rested on her laurels. She is passionate about teaching and improving herself." –Samantha, 23

10. She will always sacrifice for her children.
"I love my mom for being selfless. We may have misunderstandings, tampururut moments, but she never held grudges against me. She can be my sister, best friend, and enemy. Siya na. Siyang tunay." –Emyfer, 22

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