It’s so popular, there’s actually a name for people who watch this series—OTWOLista! Since its pilot episode back in August, On the Wings of Love or OTWOL to its millions of followers worldwide has made us laugh, cry, and fall in love over and over again every weeknight.

For those who are not familiar with the show, On The Wings of Love is the story of Leah Olivar played by actress Nadine Lustre who flies to the US in the hope of realizing her family’s American dream. When her tourist visa is about to expire, she gets desperate to stay and agrees to marry arch enemy Clark Medina (played by actor James Reid), a permanent resident and cousin to Leah’s ex-boyfriend, Jigs, in order to continue living in the States. But the fake marriage soon turns real when hubby and wifey start to develop feelings for each other.

This show has propelled James and Nadine to primetime superstardom and it’s not surprising because the chemistry of this pair is just off-the-charts! Quite impressive considering the two claim that they are just friends in real life.

We’re so smitten by Clark and Leah and their love story that we’ve managed to pick up some lessons from them that we can apply in our own (present and/or future) relationships.

1. ‘Pag mahal ka, aalagaan ka.
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Even if at this point they were still not out with their love, Leah showed her deep concern for Clark by taking care of him when he was sick.

2. Love means being there for each other even during the bad times.
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3. He’s a keeper when even without words, he can still express his love.
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It’s these quiet, thoughtful moments that really make a mark in the heart.

4. If you love someone, you’ve got to say it, right there, out loud.
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There’s nothing more frustrating than not knowing for sure about how your (prospective) partner feels about you. Here, Clark and Leah finally admit how they feel. But it’s a mix of bitter and sweet, because it comes at a time when they’re pressured to get a divorce.

5. His dreams for the future include you.
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6. Love entails sacrifice.
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Minsan kailangan magparaya kung ito ang makakabuti sa taong mahal mo. Here, Clark tries in vain to get Leah to stay with him, but Leah is too hurt, too broken to remain with him.

7. Love is patient.
In this scene, Clark follows Leah to Manila but keeps his promise to stay away and give her space. But it proves to be too hard for Clark so he goes to her neighborhood every single night just to catch a a glimpse of her.
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8. Love means accepting and loving your partner’s family, too.
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Clark proves to Leah’s dad how much he loves her and how much he is willing to sacrifice in order to be part of their family. It wasn’t an easy ride, but Clark manages to impress Tatang 100 percent.

9. Walang sigurado sa pag-ibig. Lahat tayo kailangan sumugal.

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After faithfully proving to Leah how much he loves her, Clark finally gives an ultimatum. But Leah and her issues keep her from blurting out "YES, I love you, too!" Clark is hurt and promises to never bother her again. He turns to leave and at this moment, she realizes she might actually lose him. So, AT LAST, Leah risks it all and decides once and for all that she’s in this with Clark. Sumugal na sa wakas!

10. Kapag mahal ka, babalikan ka.
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We hear this many times in the show. First, as an assurance to young Leah by her mother before leaving to work in the US, then again by Clark, who keeps reassuring Leah, that no matter what happens, he will always come back for her and be there for her.

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