Breakups are part and parcel of life. We may like them (or not), but they are there because you need to learn a lesson or simply because you two are not meant to be. More often than not, we’re used to the stories of women initiating the break up, because that’s how we’ve all been accustomed to. The situation changes however, the moment it’s the guy who ditches you and leaves you out in the cold. We’ve compiled a list of outrageous breakup lines used by guys who want to break up with the women in their lives:

“I’m not ready for a serious commitment.”

The logic behind it:
They can actually be telling you the truth, or what they’re really trying to say is that they found someone else they like better than you and would rather focus on building a relationship with them.

“I just can’t do this anymore.”

The logic behind it:
Your significant other already found someone else and he would rather that you do the breaking up (fast) so that you don’t find out that he is already cheating on you. Relationships require a lot of work and if your guy is not showing signs that he is willing to make an effort, send him home, stat.

“You deserve someone better than me.”

The logic behind it:
This is the weirdest (and not to mention, lamest) breakup line a guy can use on you. He tries to make it look like he’s complimenting you while he dumps you at the same time. He knows this and will still use the line only because he knows it will make him look good in your eyes. Or so he thought.

“Can we cool-off for awhile?”

The logic behind it:
There can be at least two reasons for this particular breakup line: a) He can’t pull off the breakup 100% because he doesn’t have the balls to do so and b) he wants a breakup but at the same time, he also wants to keep on seeing you while he also hooks up with other women. The gist of it is that, he wants a breakup, but he doesn’t want it to come from him. Pretty courageous, isn’t he?

“You’re just too good for me” or “You’re just way too mature for me”

The logic behind it:
Your man is blaming your goodness and maturity for the breakup, when it looks like it’s his maturity that is in question. The moment you hear your significant other utter t this line, cut him short and walk away. He was right when he said you were too mature for him anyway. You don’t deserve a guy who is immature to think you’re too good for him.

“We’re going different directions.”

The logic behind it:
At some point in your life, you will most likely want to achieve certain goals different from that of your partner. That however, should not be made a reason for both of you to break up. Just because you want something to happen in the future doesn’t necessarily mean it is a finality in the relationship, so when your man decides to use this line on him, better agree to the break up instead. He wasn’t man enough to exert the effort to see the relationship through.

“I don’t want you to get hurt.”

The logic behind it:
This ironically has no logic (no pun intended) in it. Your guy decides to break up with you, uses this line, and expects you not to get hurt? How is that even possible, right? Your best bet for the real reason of the breakup, there’s another girl in the picture and he’d rather not want to be caught cheating on you.

“I’m not really over my ex and it won’t be fair to you.”

The logic behind it:
This has to be the most irritating breakup line ever created by men. This just goes to show that he made a rebound out of you if he is telling the truth about still being in love with his ex. Remember, if that ass of a guy really did like you enough, then this shouldn’t have been an issue in the first place.

“I think I’m pulling you down.”

The logic behind it:
Let’s face it, guys don’t like it when their girlfriends are better at them in all aspects of their lives—career most especially. So to make it look like he’s being the bad guy in the relationship by being a bad influence on you, he uses this as his way to escape.

“I think we’d be better off as friends.”

The logic behind it:
Your guy just simply wants out of the relationship and still remain chummy with you like it happens to be the most normal thing to be. Depending on whether you agree to it and give him what he wants to happen, you’re most likely going to be on the losing end the moment you find out that he is going out with this girl at the office you were jealous of when you were still together.

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