You've probably received a pot of succulents as a giveaway from a wedding or a gift for your birthday, and as much as you're excitied about making it grow and flower, you more often or not end with a dead plant--and you don't even know where you went wrong.

As fun and productive as gardening is, there's no denying that it is a trial-and-error type of hobby—sometimes, even if you do everything right, you can still end up with sad and dry plants. The secret to conquering these gardening hurdles? Knowing exactly what is causing the death of your succulents. Spend a couple of minutes reading through this list and check your green corner for these signs:

1. Too much or too little light.
Naturally, succulents need light to survive but it can be really easy to roast them in the sun, too. Leave it out a little too long and before you know it, your green wonder has wilted. Strike a little balance by choosing clay pots and placing them near the window to get the perfect amount of sunlight.  

2. You’re not using the right soil.
Succulents need a specific kind of soil to thrive well. Avoid using sand, rock, or ordinary soil as these hold too much moisture.

RL Tip: Cactus potting soil is available in most garden shops. Tell the experts about how you go about your succulent maintenance so they can recommend the best type for your garden.


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3. Your home or office is too humid.
Contrary to popular belief, succulents don’t thrive in completely closed spaces. In order to grow healthy, you need to keep them away from dampness which breeds from humidity. You can try spacing your plants apart to let them breathe.

4. You’re using porcelain pots.
When it comes to succulents, it’s best to stick to clay pots. Planting succulents in unglazed planters can help it drain completely and keep your plants from drowning.

5. You’re feeding them too much.
Most indoor plants do not need any fertilizer at all. Since most succulents grow small, there is no need to feed them regularly as plant food would only help them quickly outgrow their confined space.

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