The holiday season is a busy, busy time. You have gifts to buy, parties to go to, reunions to attend -- the list just seems to be longer at this time of the year. But when you think about it, the point, really, is to spend time with the people we love. And because these gatherings are few and far between, the "groufie" is a must -- taken from our prettiest angle, of course. We definitely don't want to look like we enjoyed that roast pork belly too much, right?


That's why for your pre-holiday preps, we recommend The Soshal Network's Etiquette for the Soshal Climbers from the ladies of the blog The Soshal Network. Camille Buhain, Faye Condez, and Vivian Dela Cruz know the "picture, picture" situation so well that you will laugh and vigorously nod your heads in approval. Here's an excerpt (in quotation marks) with few comments of our own (tip: the book has a chapter on "10 Ways to Style a Daster" -- we love!)

1. "Ipangharang ang mga kasama o ikubli ang tyan."

It's true! You or your friend (or everyone?) hurriedly go to the last row during a group photo. Another option is to carry your bag in a way that hides your tummy. 

2. "Lean forward at ilabas ang collar bone."

We agree: the illusion of seeing your collar bone will help make you appear thinner than you really are. Try to slightly elongate your neck without looking up. And as the girls wrote, "E ano kung lumabas na ang litid mo sa paninigas. Bottomline, mukha kang skinny."


3. "Pumunta sa kabilang dulo ng kabisera."

We all know the closer you are to the camera, the bigger you'll appear. The girls' advice: "Eh ano naman kung 'di ka na mamukhaan sa photo. Hayaan mo yung legit na payat ang nasa harap." On that note, maybe ask a waiter to take a photo of your group rather than a selfie or groufie.

4. "Gawing best friend ang crop option."

That's the trick in social media -- crop flabby arms or big thighs if you can. "Best friend ng mga hindi ala Kim Chiu ang katawan tulad ni D, ang crop option."

5. "The top view technique comes in handy para iwas sa double chin."

Raise the camera when taking groufies. Another way to get rid of double chin in snaps is by pressing your tongue on the roof of your mouth while smiling.  

6. "Create an illusion."

It's all about posture. Keep your arms away from your torso. Angle your face. Stand in a 45-degree angle. Cross your ankles. Stomach in! 


7. "Tumabi sa mas mataba sa 'yo."

Ouch! "Kung friends talaga kayo, 'di siya magagalit sa 'yo. In the same manner, kapag ikaw ang parating tinatabihan ng friends mo sa picture, #alamna


The Sochal Network's Etiquette for Soshal Climbers, P250, is published by Summit Books and is now available at bookstores nationwide. 

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