holy_week_poll.jpgHoly Week is considered by some as the peak season for the pious; by others, as a means of escape to the seaside or the hills; and by workaholics, as a pocket of time during which to get a head start at the office. While the traditional values of a nation immersed in religion call for spiritual contemplation and renewal of faith during the first week of April, many of the devoted still manage to slip away for family vacations. Those who aren’t affiliated with any particular faith, as well as the non-practicing faithful, are even more likely to take their leave of the city for the pleasures of summer destinations—or at least the comforts of their own homes.

Wherever it is spent, the period of Holy Week could be one of prayer, leisure, or preparation for next month’s projects—it all depends on the environment a person was raised in and the beliefs that he or she holds true. After all, different folks, different strokes.

(Photo source: sxc.hu)

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