ARTICLE_BooksForKids.jpgIt’s that most wonderful time of the year again, where the city sparkles in Christmas lights, parols adorn every house, and holiday songs leave us warm and fuzzy throughout the day. Christmas sure is a magical season, and we can imagine it’s ten times more special for kids.

Still, the holiday break means you may have to find things that will keep your kids occupied while they’re out of school—especially if you yourself have to work in the week between Christmas and New Year. FN’s suggestion? Read to them or buy them books they can read on their own! And to get them more excited about the holidays, we’ve compiled a list of 25 Christmas reads for kids—they’ll not just be a great holiday diversion, but they’ll also make perfect presents for budding bookworms.

Check out our selections in the gallery below; we’ve organized these according to age level for your convenience.

Want more kiddie and Christmas reads? These FN articles are worth a look-see:
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