When a couple is expecting a child, all the attention is usually focused on the mother, who would have to bear the very important task of carrying the baby in her womb for nine months. But there’s also a massive amount of responsibility on the father’s shoulders from day one, making fatherhood possibly the craziest adventure any man can experience. If you still think that dads have it relatively easy when it comes to parenting, these five funny books will definitely change your mind. Check them out below!


No matter how suave and sophisticated a man may seem, he’s still bound to be very much in touch with his inner teenager. Case in point--author Adrian Kulp, a high-flying executive who has his very own bachelor pad in the house he shares with his wife. But when the stork paid them a visit, Adrian was forced to relinquish control of his man cave in order for it to be made into a nursery for his future daughter. There are only a few experiences that are guaranteed to make people “grow up” overnight, and this book proves that being a dad is definitely one of them.


Much has been written about the overwhelming sense of protectiveness and love that moms feel for their children, but there’s not a lot of literature out there that accurately describes the bewildered feeling that fathers get when kids start entering the picture. Michael Lewis captures this perfectly in this book, and his entertaining yet accurate experiences are guaranteed to make you laugh out loud.

3. DADDY NEEDS A DRINK by Robert Wilder

Everyone knows that being a mother is one of the most difficult responsibilities a person can take on, but despite the lack of pregnancy and labor pains, we should do well to remember that fatherhood is no laughing matter, either. Robert Wilder offers up a few of his most riotous and most touching moments experiences to demonstrate just how crazy fatherhood can get, discussing everything from choosing baby names to raising kids who have yet to discover the meaning of the word “tact.” Always hilarious and at times crass, every parent will have definitely be able to relate to this read.

(Cover photo of Dad or Alive: Confessions of An Unexpected Stay-at-Home Dad courtesy of NAL Trade. Cover photo of Home Game: An Accidental Guide to Fatherhood courtesy of W. W. Norton & Company. Cover photo of Daddy Needs a Drink courtesy of Delta Press. Yellow striped background image by Trish via Flickr Creative Commons)

4. SH*T MY DAD SAYS by Justin Halpern

28-year-old Justin Halpern finds himself living with his 73-year-old dad, Sam Halpern, after being dumped by his longtime girlfriend. What he didn’t expect was that father would be an amazing source of snarky, hilarious wisdom. Justin then set out to document every crazy thing his father has ever told him in a Twitter account, and this surprisingly touching book contains the best among the lot.

5. DAD IS FAT by Jim Gaffigan

When a stand-up comedian becomes a father, you just know that his family’s going to be in for one crazy ride. This is exactly what happened to Jim Gaffigan, who has five kids with his “attractive and fertile” wife, Jeannie. This is an amusing read about how life would be like if you had five young children to raise, and everyone who’s ever been around a hyperactive tot can relate to this.

(Cover photo of Sh*t My Dad Says courtesy of HarperCollins Publishers. Cover photo of Dad Is Fat courtesy of Crown Archetype. Yellow striped background image by Trish via Flickr Creative Commons)

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