As October winds down and invites to Halloween parties pour in, the quest for the best costume begins. When you can dress up as anything you want, why settle for just being a witch when you can have the most creative outfit in the crowd? Try one of these great get-ups, inspired by the best—and worst—of 2009.

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Lady Gaga


She’s bringing crazy back—and the world is loving it. Go Gaga with the most future-fabulous outfit you’ve got! This breakout performer favors body-conscious pieces with exaggerated construction—notice how she always gives the appearance of moving architecture. You can achieve a similar look by wearing a very short, high-structure dress—or a leotard, if you’re feeling daring—with towering heels and oversized shades. For an interesting element, try manipulating tin foil into quirky shapes and attaching the result to your outfit. Makeup is a huge factor in Lady Gaga’s image, so don’t forget the geisha-style lipstick and lightning eye-makeup. Add the Donatella Versace blonde wig and you’ll be ready to Just Dance!

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Coco Chanel


With the 2009 release of French biopic “Coco Avant Chanel” starring Audrey Tautou in the eponymous role, the most elegant of all fashion designers has once again proven her timeless appeal. To pull off Chanel, you’ll need pearls, a black pantsuit, and a whole lot of class. Remember, this is the woman who made slacks chic, so both you and Katharine Hepburn have much to thank her for. Keep your outfit clean, sophisticated, and—except for the beads and some fierce red lipcolor—unadorned. Hold a long cigarette filter between your fingers as the finishing touch.


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Sarah Palin


Some love her, others hate her—but what’s certain is that everybody now knows her. Governor Sarah Palin gave the Republican Party a facelift when she showed up on the election scene in all her former beauty-queen glory. Now she’s back in the headlines after resigning from her Alaskan post and simultaneously releasing her first book—a bestseller even before it went on sale. With one of the most iconic appearances in modern politics, Palin’s look is immediately identifiable—it’s all in the hair! Visit your salon for the half-up, half-down ‘do with a frontal pompadour and fringe bangs. Then put on some rimless glasses and a conservative blazer (complete with the stars and stripes, of course), and see if your friends don’t call you Sexy Sarah.


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Angelina Jolie


Who wouldn’t want to be the most famous woman in the world? You could be Brad Pitt’s significant other, if only for Halloween 2009! Unless you already have full lips, you can expand your pucker to Angelina-proportions by drawing a larger shape with lipliner and then filling in the rest with matching lipstick. Aside from this, the Angelina look requires very little of an actual costume and relies more on props—6, to be exact. Visit the toy store or raid your niece’s toy cabinet for 6 baby dolls to represent each of the actress’ kids; you can even get your current squeeze involved by having him carry a few of the “children.” Then all you’ll have to do is throw on matching sunglasses and some comfy clothes—since the Jolie-Pitts are constantly on-the-go, making love, not war.





Breast Cancer Ribbon

Want to be creative for a cause? This Halloween, come as the Breast Cancer Ribbon—that ubiquitous pink loop symbolizing hope and awareness for cancer patients and survivors all over the world. Before attempting this, however, make sure that you know your fair share about the disease. Year after year, breast cancer claims countless women—you want to pay homage to, rather than insult, these victims. To be the Cancer Ribbon, wear an all-white or all-black outfit from top to bottom; this will serve as the backdrop. Then take a wide pink ribbon—as wide as possible, so it can stand on its own—and loop it in the shape of the Cancer Ribbon. Make it big enough to cover your whole torso. Glue or staple the point at which the tails meet, and then attach the ribbon to your top with double-stick tape. Your costume will make awareness look awesome!

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