Don’t you just hate it when there’s not enough room inside the plane – particularly your row? Those cramped up seats that give you barely enough room for some leg space may now have a solution. According to PopSugar, a multimillionaire app developer shared his hack on Reddit that would probably make your trip a little more comfortable since it’s possible to have the entire row to yourself.


“Fly first class? No need. When I fly alone, I just book an economy class ticket in the center of a three seat row. Usually this means that in a not so full flight, nobody will want to sit next to you when they can sit somewhere else.”

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In other words, you don’t need to pay extra cash just to have the luxury of space rather, it’s about being wise when it comes to choosing your seat.

“If it’s a couple, they wouldn't want to be separated. When checking in, you can try to change your seat, and you can tell from there, where the empty seats are. Now that you have the whole row to yourself, you can lift up the armrests and basically have a giant couch that is wider than what first class and business class gets.”

Although this doesn’t give you a hundred percent assurance, if you're traveling solo or with a friend who wouldn't mind sitting apart in exchange for a comfier flight, it’s still worth a try, right? It pays to be ready.

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