We women will always have that ideal, impossible man in our heads. Whether we’re happily married or single and adventurous, we will never stop indulging in "The Dream," which we all know will never be attainable. This doesn’t mean that we aren’t content with what we currently have. It’s just that we want to have a bit of fun from time to time, if only to enjoy a kilig moment or two.

At one point or another, we’ve all been charmed by men who only exist in movies and on television screens. Never mind that they’re fictional–it just adds to the fun. Here are seven whom we find note-worthy.

Chandler Bing from Friends
Chandler Bing may be a dork, but he is an adorable dork. Remember that episode where Phoebe tries to seduce him into admitting that he’s sleeping with Monica? He breaks (after much ado), and confesses that he was actually in love with Monica, and that it wasn’t just a momentary thing. As the episodes progress, we see how he becomes an understanding husband and a great provider–all the while keeping his corny self.


Noah Calhoun from The Notebook
Yes, it’s a sappy movie, but let’s admit it: Noah Calhoun is the ideal husband that a lot of women wish they could have. Who wouldn’t want someone to grow old with someone who won’t forget when you yourself have started to do so?

Phil Dunphy of Modern Family
Phil is the kooky husband to Claire, the serious wife who thinks of Phil as the "kid she married." Although he tells way too many daddy jokes and acts juvenile in order to become closer to his kids, his sincere effort to keep his family happy makes him an awesome partner to have.

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Carl Fredricksen from UP
For about four sweet and heartbreaking minutes in the animated movie "UP," we see the love story between Ellie and Carl–a beautiful relationship that reverberates in a lot of us. Married life will always have its ups and downs, but through it all, Carl’s love for Ellie shines through, and puts a different meaning in the old adage "’til death do us part."


Gerry Kennedy from P.S. I Love You
Gerry’s love for his wife Holly is light-hearted yet deep, so much so that even when faced with an incurable disease, he finds the strength to take things in stride and to put Holly’s happiness first over everything else. He writes letters to be read after his death in order to help Holly move on, and selflessly pushes her to learn to love again.


Mr. Incredible from The Incredibles
Bob Parr, also known as "Mr. Incredible" back during his days as a "special," may be having mid-life issues, but he later realizes that what makes him really special is the love that he shares with his wife Helen.

Derek Shepherd from Grey’s Anatomy
Known as "McDreamy," it isn’t only Derek Shepherd’s easy smile that made many of us swoon; his love for his wife Meredith has become the stuff of television legends, that even after that fateful event in Grey’s Anatomy’s latest season, we know that no one can ever replace him.


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