The PlayStation 4 isn’t the only next-gen console that has hit the shelves this holiday season, as Microsoft just unleashed its own gaming beast in the form of the Xbox One.

Just like Sony’s gem, the Xbox One is getting a lot of buzz from gamers all over the globe. If your guy’s into gaming, he probably already knows about it, too. We even bet he’s giddy, and for good reason--the Xbox One, like the PlayStation 4, promises to deliver a top-notch gaming experience.

But of course, we know you want to know more than that. So, girls, we’ll let you in a few things about the Xbox One to help you understand what the hype is all about. After all, gaming is not a purely “guy thing.”

1. It lets you play with your friends online!
While it’s true that traditional gaming in the living room is done offline, newer devices are increasingly being geared toward online play. This is the case with the Xbox One, which can connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi or LAN cable.

If you create an account for Microsoft’s online platform, the Xbox Live, you’ll be able to purchase additional titles and access other kinds of content for your game. Also, you can customize and track your achievements or earn rewards using your Xbox Live account.

But the main idea here is online gaming. With Xbox Live, you can battle with your friends who also have accounts online even if you’re not physically together. Sounds like a load of virtual fun, right? Now if you grow tired of gaming, you can also use the Xbox One’s online connectivity to stream videos without having to turn on a separated device.

2. It’s packed with beefy specs.
The Xbox One promises to deliver impressive gaming visuals that will get both guys and gals hooked. It comes with an AMD chip with eight cores, 8GB of RAM, and a 500GB capacity. That means the device is able to push next-gen graphics fast for a more seamless overall gaming experience. It’s so fast that it’s actually up to eight times faster than its predecessor, the Xbox 360.

3. It can play Blu-ray movies.
The Xbox One also boasts of a Blu-ray optical drive that can play films on Blu-ray discs. Just pop in, say, The Notebook, relax, and cuddle up with yout guy while watching a good movie. Also, you can enjoy it all in HD, as the device has a built-in HDMI port that lets you watch all sorts of content in Full HD glory (granted your TV or display is also in HD, too).

4. It can act as a universal remote control.
The console has a built-in voice-activated universal remote control called OneGuide, which could be pretty convenient... and pretty cool. This feature enables users to flip though channels and adjust volume settings.

5. It’s coming very soon... and it won’t be cheap.
The Xbox One has set the gaming world on fire when it was released in the US and UK on Friday, November 22. However, there’s still no official announcement on its availability here in the country. As for the SRP, it’s at $499 or about P21,500, although it might be more expensive when it arrives on local shores due to the additional fees. Plus, you’ll have to pay more for getting more games.

So yeah, the whole Xbox One deal will entail a bit of saving up. But hey, something like it doesn’t really come that often. And, with its capabilities and features, we reckon it will be worth it if you buy one--whether for your own gaming pleasure or for you boyfie or hubbie.

(Photo by Marco Verch via Flickr Creative Commons)

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