We love a good series, but aminin, we love the really horrible ones, too! And with new seasons premiering left and right, there’s bound to be a little bit of both. Scroll down to see which ones we can't wait to dig into! Read until the end and find out which new show we're psyched to watch.

1. Revenge (Season 4)

Last season, Emily Thorne’s hard work paid off when Conrad Grayson confessed to all his crimes, thus clearing David Clarke’s name, and Victoria Grayson is committed to the psychiatric ward. But it’s not Revenge unless someone’s, well, bent on revenge. This season, we see Emily move into the Grayson manor and Victoria escape her prison. The general plotting and backstabbing starts all over again.

2. Once Upon a Time (Season 4)

Once Upon a Time begins the new season with its take on Disney’s Frozen. When sisters Anna and Elsa discover the reason their royal parents left the kingdom—it was to find answers to Elsa’s powers—Anna decides to follow their trail just before her wedding. Elsa runs after her, finds herself in modern day StoryBrooke, and wreaks havoc all over town with a snow gollum. It's just another day in this ABC fantasy drama.

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3. Saturday Night Live (Season 40)
If you enjoyed watching Guardians of the Galaxy, then you have to watch Saturday Night Live’s season premiere. SNL starts out strong by tapping Chris Pratt and musical guest Ariana Grande for the first episode with a quick cameo of Chris’s wife, Anna Faris, during the actor's monologue. Some of the skits may fall short, but must-watch sketches include the Marvel trailers, the He-Man and Lion-O sequence, and Chris's rap bit!

4. Scandal (Season 4)

Last season, we were left hanging when Oliva Pope jetted off for a much-deserved vacation, leaving a handful of issues unresolved. But of course, our favorite crisis manager has to return from her self-imposed exile to do what she does best—clean up PR mess.

5. Grey’s Anatomy (Season 11)

Dr. Cristina Yang, played by Sandra Oh, has moved to Switzerland! While we’ll definitely miss one of the strongest and well-loved characters on Grey's Anatomy, season 11 does not disappoint. Meredith has a problem with newly discovered half-sister Dr. Maggie Pierce. Plus, there's trouble in paradise. Callie and Arizona can't seem to agree on anything. The other doctors try to cheer Owen up. And, hey, Geena Davis guest stars!



How to Get Away With Murder

Shonda Rhimes, creator of Grey's Anatomy and Scandal, gives us an early Christmas present in the form of How to Get Away With Murder. The breakout hit stars Viola Davis as Professor Annalise Keating, J.D., a cutthroat law professor who teaches her students how to practice the law, giving them access to real cases and exposing them to court sessions. It's sexy and smart with just the right amount of scandal! We're hooked!

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