“This year will be my year.” We say this every January, and while it rings true sometimes, there are also instances when this promise falls flat. The next 12 months, however, will be different: we’re challenging you to claim 2013 as your time to shine and be the best version of you. Be the ultimate go-getter this year: snag that promotion, go on that dream trip, find yourself a man who will love you for who you are—anything is possible, and with enough encouragement and optimism, we’re pretty sure you can achieve your goals.

To help you along on your merry self-empowered road, we’ve created a playlist of 13 inspirational songs for 2013. Load them up on your player, and make them your anthems for the year ahead!

(Screencap of "Bulletproof" courtesy of LaRouxVEVO on YouTube; screencap of "The Fighter" courtesy of FueledByRamen on YouTube; screencap of "Wide Awake" courtesy of KatyPerryVEVO on YouTube.)

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1. "LIKE LIKE WE'RE DYING" by Kris Allen

Motivating Lyrics: "Yeah, we gotta start lookin' at the hands of the time we've been given / If this is all we got, then we gotta start thinkin' / If every second counts on a clock that's tickin' / Gotta live like we're dying"

The new year presents new opportunities to seize the day—something that Kris Allen encourages in his song. While he’s not exactly encouraging us to adopt YOLO as our slogan for 2013, he does remind us that our life is limited, and that we should make the most out of it by showing our appreciation for the important people in our lives.

2. "THE FIGHTER" by Gym Class Heroes

Motivating Lyrics: "Give 'em hell, turn their heads / Gonna live life til we're dead / Give me scars, give me pain / Then they'll say to me, say to me, say to me / There goes a fighter"

Let’s face it--there will always be at least one person who’ll be glad to see you fail in life. Pay that person no mind, and show her that you’re made of tougher stuff than what she thought. Make 2013 the year you’ll prove to the world that you can’t be pulled down that easily!

3. "BULLETPROOF" by La Roux

Motivating Lyrics: "I won’t let you turn around / and tell me now I’m much too proud / All you do is fill me up with doubt"

2013 will be a year of positivity, and this dance-worthy song is not allowing you to let your detractors bring you down. Let your haters try to pull you down with their vicious words, and show them what you’re made of!

4. "DON'T YOU WORRY CHILD" by Swedish House Mafia

Motivating Lyrics: "Don't you worry, don't you worry, child / See heaven's got a plan for you / Don't you worry, don't you worry now"

We all go through bouts of uncertainty and worry—that’s probably the only thing constant in life. If you ever find yourself in one such spell, listen to Swedish House Mafia’s hit, leave all your worries at your door, and remind yourself that everything will work out wonderfully in the end.

5. "WIDE AWAKE" by Katy Perry

Motivating Lyrics: "I picked up every piece / And landed on my feet / I'm wide awake / Need nothing to complete myself"

Heartbreaks are painful, but they aren’t the end of the world. Katy Perry makes sure you get this message through this song, which pushes you to go on with life, despite the hurt of a previous breakup. Take it from Katy, and show that man what he’s missing out on!

6. "SHAKE IT OUT" by Florence + The Machine

Motivating Lyrics: "I am done with my graceless heart / So tonight I'm gonna cut it out and then restart / Cause I like to keep my issues drawn / It's always darkest before the dawn"

Are past issues weighing you down? Take your cue from Florence + The Machine’s hit song: shake them off, and begin anew on a clean slate this year. Make peace with yourself and the people who have burdened you, and feel your heart become feather-light.

7. "TRY" by Pink

Motivating Lyrics: "Where there is a flame / Someone's bound to get burned / But just because it burns / Doesn't mean you're gonna die / You've gotta get up and try, try, try"

We have to accept that there are some things that just won’t work out, no matter how hard we try our best to make them okay. Don’t give up on your dreams—let Pink’s song accompany you as you pursue them this year.

8. "HOME" by Phillip Phillips

Motivating Lyrics: "Settle down, it'll all be clear / Don't pay no mind to the demons / They fill you with fear / The trouble it might drag you down / If you get lost, you can always be found"

Encourage yourself to go on a new adventure this 2013 by playing this heartwarming song by American Idol winner Phillip Phillips. You many not be certain about what the future holds for you this year, but you should do well to remember that, no matter what happens, you’ll never find yourself alone.

9. "I GOT THIS" by Jennifer Hudson

Motivating Lyrics: Gravity is mad at me cause when I fall I won't drop / Something in me won't let me stop until I reach the top / I keep going / I keep showing / the whole world everyday I'm growing"

This 2013, don’t let anything stop you from achieving your goals. Play this song and remind yourself that you’re bigger than any obstacle you’ll encounter and that you’ll find a way out of any fix you get yourself in.

10. "JUST STAND UP" by Various Artists

Motivating Lyrics: "I'm telling you things get better through whatever / If you fall, dust it off, don't let up Don’t you know you can go be your own miracle / You need to know!"

When the biggest artists of this generation gather to perform one song, you can be sure that it’s a worthy cause. This star-studded hit is a good example, as it's dedicated to cancer survivors. You don’t have to be one, though, to adopt this as your personal anthem—it sends an empowering message that will be appreciated by everyone who hears it.

11. "WHAT MAKES YOU BEAUTIFUL" by One Direction

Motivating Lyrics: "If only you saw what I can see / You'll understand why I want you so desperately / Right now I'm looking at you and I can't believe / You don't know, oh oh / You don't know you're beautiful"

Having a bad hair day? Woke up with a huge zit on your cheek? This 1D hit will surely turn that frown you see in the mirror upside down. Trust us, there’s bound to be someone out there who’ll always think you’re the prettiest girl in the room no matter what.

12. “HOUDINI” by Foster The People

Motivating Lyrics:
"Raise up to your ability / You never knew that I could find / What could come when we realize / Some won't stop with the compromise"

What do you do when you find yourself backed up against a wall? You take a deep breath, find a way to overcome your obstacles, and, eventually, succeed. This powerful song by Foster The People is a great anthem for those moments when you’re consumed by self-doubt and worry.

13. “BETTER THAN TODAY” by Kylie Minogue

Motivating Lyrics: "You've got to feel it / See it / Know how much you need it / What's the point in livin' if you don't take a chance?"

This 2013, make it part of your resolution to try out new things and conquer your fears. Squash your inhibitions, and let Kylie Minogue’s pop-tastic ditty accompany you as you set off on your carpe diem moment.

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