We all know the old saying "dogs are a man's best friend." That may be true, but we know for a fact that they're women's best friends as well. They snuggle with us when we feel down, listen attentively when we talk, and they're always happy to see us when we come home at the end of the day. They're loyal, sweet, and oh-so-cute.

Scroll through our gallery and meet seven women who participated at the Good Dog Fun Run hosted by Good Housekeeping magazine and read what they have to say about their canine best buds.

Why is your dog your best friend? Answer this question and send a photo of you with your dog along with details on your dog's name and breed to femalenetwork.team@gmail.com with the subject line "Woman's Best Friend." You might just be featured on Female Network!

good_dog_magazine_april_cover.jpgGot a pretty puppy of your own? Check out Good Dog Magazine Philippines for fun facts and useful tips on caring for your canine best friend! You can pick up a copy of Good Dog free with this month's issue of Good Housekeeping!

(All photos courtesy of Good Housekeeping and Good Dog magazines)

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