clutterWelcome to the world of clutter. Clutter is often the product of a lack of time or a “sayang naman” mentality--after all, waste not, want not, right? There is also the kind of clutter that stems from sentimentality, when letting go of old things seems a tad too difficult. Many are guilty of keeping old letters, photos, souvenirs, possessions of people long gone, relationships that ended years ago, and the like.


Whatever your reasons are, it’s time to clear away the clutter and put an end to your messy ways. When you break away from your clutter, it becomes easier for you to find yourself, to attain the freedom that you are looking for, and to achieve that ever-elusive peace of mind.

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(First published in Good Housekeeping, Features section as "The Psychology of Clutter" in October 2010; adapted for use in Female Network. Photo by Wendy Copley via Flickr Creative Commons)

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