1. Cats are independent.
If you don't have time to care for another living, breathing, creature, but still want a little fur companion every now and then, cats are your answer. Of course, you’ll still have to be very responsible and properly care for the felines–feed them, clean after them, take them to the vet–but they’re generally not very clingy and are self-sufficient as long as you leave their basic needs with them. Cats don’t need walking, nor do they need to be cuddled or boarded when you’re away. Just make sure they have food and water and someone to check in on them once a day if you’re going away on a vacation.

2. Cats are quieter creatures than their canine counterparts.
They meow, yes, but not as incessantly and as loudly as dogs do. They sleep most of the time and like to lounge lazily, so there’s not much you need to do to entertain them, unlike dogs, which, depending on breed, you might have to take out for a run to expend energy.

3. Cats have good hygiene.
This is quite evident in the amount of time they spend cleaning themselves up. They lick, lick, and lick. And you don’t see them jumping in dirty puddles or rolling around in the grass getting all kinds of gunk stuck on their fur. They’re also quite adept at cleaning up after themselves.

4. Cats don’t scare off guests.
When guests come in, you usually won’t find cats barrelling at them. They’ll stay in their corner, observe, and maybe say "hi," once everyone’s settled in. But for the most part,they won't try to sniff your guest’s crotch or bite someone’s hand off.

5. Cats are therapeutic.
Just as much as dogs, they say. Petting cats and hearing them purr helps lower stress and blood pressure. Plus, they help with emotional trauma, too. A study done at the University of Minnesota states that cat owners are less likely to die from a heart attack by at least 40 percent

6. Cats are more environmentally friendly
Their food choices take less carbon footprint than dogs do. They’re also smaller and tend to eat less, which makes for less energy used for making their food. Felines also require fewer items–toys, crates, etc., so this means lower expenses for you.

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