We’ve all been there—while eating out with friends, in the middle of an hours-long commute home, or lost somewhere in Makati—and uh oh, suddenly, that familiar stomach rumble.

Public restrooms in the Philippines aren’t known for being squeaky clean and comfy, but fortunately there are some bright spots where you can safely do number 2. You know the ones I’m talking about—they have tissue paper available, they don’t smell like death, and most importantly, they have a bidet.


And app developer Lawrence Velasco has conveniently mapped out these bidet-equipped locations with his new mobile app, San Bidet.

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“San Bidet [is] an app which lists all the toilets with bidets in the Philippines,” he explained in a Facebook post. It launched on the App Store last January 9 and on the Play Store a few days later.


Using your phone’s GPS, San Bidet can mark public toilets with bidets near you on its map interface. It also integrates with Google Maps so you can easily navigate how to get to your next favorite bathroom. The first locations marked in the app were initially mapped out from Velasco’s own experiences in finding bathrooms with bidets, so when the app was launched, it had over 40 locations, which included restaurants, malls, and gasoline stations.

San Bidet also accepts user reports of any other bidet-equipped toilets not yet on the list through its Facebook and Twitter pages. These user reports have added at least 170 more locations to its database.

It’s a simple idea, but it’s been received very positively. Velasco says that in the week or so after it was released, San Bidet was downloaded over 17,000 times. It’s also one of the top five free navigation apps in both the App Store and the Play Store.


Velasco has promised to roll out more updates to improve the app’s user experience, allow users to rate and comment on each location, and, of course, to add more locations where you can comfortably answer nature’s call.

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This story originally appeared on Esquiremag.ph.

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