Have you ever gone to a friend's or a relative's house and felt like you were transported back in time? For kids today, that's probably how they feel when they enter the home of a '90s baby. If you were already of sound mind during the said decade, you know exactly what we mean. Take a quick look at our checklist below, and see just how many of these ‘90s home staples you can still find in your house today.

1. Betamax and VHS players

Today’s generation know Betamax as the cubes of chicken blood often sold along with other Filipino favorites like fish balls and isaw across the street, but those of us who lived during the ‘90s are all too familiar with the VHS player’s predecessor. And if you don’t even know what a VHS player is, then you probably missed the years when video rentals were all the rage (and you could watch Mr. Bean episodes and The Addam's Family to your heart's content). Oh, the memories!

2. Dial-up modems

Anyone who was old enough to use the computer in the ‘90s should still remember the telltale sound of the dial-up modem trying to connect your PC to the World Wide Web. Just waiting for that tiny square going back and forth between the two tiny monitors to stabilize was pure torture. We don't really miss dial-up connections, but remembering it certainly makes us appreciate our Internet connection now.

3. The Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES)

If there’s one ‘90s home staple that will never stop being cool, it’s the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (the same goes for its predecessor, the Family Computer). Check out IGN’s list of top 100 SNES games here, and let us know if you had any of them.

4. Cassette players

While the idea of making mixtapes started before the ‘90s, it was during the said decade that everyone really started making them. Let's just say that a cassette player was the perfect console for many an angsty and angry teenager’s feelings.

5. A personal computer with a small stocky monitor

Bonus points if you still have one of those colorful iMac G3 monitors. They're certainly one of those '90s relics that we wouldn't mind keeping at home.

(1. Photo by Joshua Green via Flickr Creative Commons 2. Photo by Nkolus via Flickr Creative Commons 3. Photo by moparx via Flickr Creative Commons 4. Photo by Jitter Buffer via Flickr Creative Commons 5. Photo by Yagan Kiely via Flickr Creative Commons)

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