There’s just something about cute animals that can reduce a staggering amount of grown-ups into cooing, swooning, baby-talking individuals, and we’re pretty sure that even the mightiest and most cold-hearted leaders on the planet cannot be that immune to a furry puppy’s charms. Stressed out? Check out these cute pet videos--we guarantee that you'll instantly feel better.

1. It’s difficult to resist the appeal of an adorable pug puppy, and four of them riding a makeshift sled through the snow (in matching cold-weather outfits, no less) can only mean quadruple the cuteness. We may not have winter in our tropical country, but trust us, this video’s just as effective in warding off the rainy weather blues in no time at all!

2. We dare you to find a cat more adorable than this 2.5-week-old baby chugging down his milk like there’s no tomorrow. Yes, it’s easy to find videos of feeding kittens, but this one’s wiggling ears are just too precious. See for yourself below.

3. We understand that you’re dealing with a lot of pressing matters at the moment--that's why you're stressed, after all--but you should at least count your lucky stars that you’re not wigging out because you’re stuck in a bowl, like this fluffy chow was. Watch this roly-poly pup escape from his makeshift cage here.

4. These fluffy kittens’ excellent demonstration of how the ballistic pendulum works may not help your child in his physics lessons, but it’s definitely likely to elicit some adoring squeals from you. Watch these furry scientists’ foray into scientific research below.

5. If you’re still stressed after watching the videos above, why don’t you try taking a nap? Besides, we’re pretty sure that watching cute videos for half an hour can be quite tiring. Let this compilation of yawning creatures lead you towards some much-needed shut-eye. Sweet dreams!

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