Having a pet at home can be very rewarding. These cute creatures can teach you a lot about life and love, and will be loyal companions during your ups and downs. If you’re thinking of getting a furry buddy—whether for your kids or for yourself—here are a few things you should consider before bringing home that cute pooch or friendly feline you fell in love with at the shelter.

Whether you live alone or with your family, you should ask yourself (and the brood) these questions before adopting a pet:
1. “Am I ready for the responsibility of having a dog?”
2. “How can I fit taking care of my new dog into my work schedule and lifestyle?
3. “Is my neighborhood dog-friendly?”
4. “Am I financially stable to shelter a new pet?”
5. “Is my home pet-friendly?”

After answering these five questions honestly, the next step is to find a legitimate animal shelter like PAWS or CARA Welfare Shelter. The adoption process is pretty simple, but it has to go through a thorough procedure to ensure that pets will really find a loving home. So be ready to wait for two weeks to a month before you can bring home that new member of the family.

Adoption Process:
1. Fill up the application form.
2. Meet and greet your furry prospects–this is where you get to choose the pet you want to take home.
3. An interview with the staff at the shelter to see if you are fit to be a pet owner.
4. A home visit where staff will check out the future environment of your new pet.
5. Visiting the chosen pet (at least three times) to see if your family and the dog or cat are compatible with each other.
6. Release day and payment of adoption fee.

Once you’ve completed the process, you can take your new pet home! Some shelters cover the costs of spaying and neutering your pets, offer basic obedience training, and give veterinary consultations.

Think you’re ready to add a lovable pet to your fam? Check out these sites to get your pet adoption forms. Good luck!
CARA Welfare Shelter

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