Living alone can be an adventure but as time passes, it may become frustrating—especially if you need help with tasks in the kitchen or laundy area. On the bright side, going solo also has its perks! Imagine having the space all for yourself—you can decorate it the way you want and you can experiment on how to make householod chores much more fun and easier.

If you're looking for no-fail home hacks, let this list guide and inspire you.

For clothing problems
Having laundry problems? You need not rush to the laundry shop ASAP, try mixing white vinegar in your washing cycle to maintain your jean's color.

For cooking concerns
Probably one of the perks and also one of the challenges of living alone is the cooking. While you get to learn how to cook and experiment with your meals, it's a challenge if you really don't have any past kitchen experience. For starters, take baby steps. If you're always on the go, you can still make breakfast in a snap, say, by prepare pancakes with the help of a ready-mix brand.

For a more efficient cleaning.

Lessen your trips to the laundry shop by using your washing machine. You can even create your own washing detergent! Click here to learn how.

For eyesores and mini essentials
Adaptors are considered essentials in any home. We use them for gadgets and appliances so it's important to label each and keep them organized. You may use bread clips or washi tapes to make labeling even more fun.

For bathroom problems
If your bathroom’s toilet is clogged, you may try to solve it on your own before calling the plumber. Simply pour hot water and a few drops of dishwashing soap then flush. Click here to learn more.

Keeping food fresh and safe
Remember: Glass is known to be a better alternative compared to plastic containers because it can preserve the food’s taste longer.

For hot drinks
Got softdrinks that aren't cold? You need not wait for an hour or so for it to be cold! Place it inside a pot with ice water and a dash of salt. It will be ice cold in no time.

For food concerns

Place a paper towel in the middle of your wrapped salad to keep your lettuce fresh all week long. The towel will absorb the moisture from the salad, making its taste and quality last longer.

For jars that won't open
If you can’t open a lid, simply wrap it with a rubber band. To prevent it from slipping from your hands, wrap another rubber band around the jar. Grip the body in one hand while twisting the lid using the other one.

For your ingredients
The best way to prolong herbs like parsley, basil, and cilantro is by securing them with plastic and a tight rubber band. Place them inside your refrigerator to lengthen their shelf life.

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