Self-care isn't just about sheet masks or ordering your favorite food. The concept of me-time is deeper than it was introduced to us before. It's about caring for your overall well-being, aka your mind and body. 

That said, you can practice self-care without spending a lot by prioritizing yourself every day. Simple habits, although low-effort, create a big impact on your mood and physical self. Of course, this is not an overnight thing. These habits will help you slowly progress to the person you want to be.


BTW, caring for yourself doesn't mean that you'll neglect the other people in your life. Prioritizing yourself is like recharging your battery so you'll have the energy to be able to support your family, friends, and co-workers. You can't pour from an empty cup.

When you become mindful of choosing yourself every day, you'll notice an improvement in how you react to things: You'll be less stressed, more productive, and eventually, you'll love yourself more. 

Ready to know more about how to achieve a long-term wellness lifestyle by prioritizing yourself? Check out these tips.

How To Prioritize Yourself Every Day: Simple Self-Care Tips

1. Schedule quiet time every day.

Whether you have five minutes or 30 minutes, a set "quiet" time for yourself every day will help you reset your thoughts. This can also be the period when you say your affirmations or remind yourself of your goals. This me-time is just you with your thoughts-the moment when you get to know what mindset you are currently in. When you are aware of your current headspace, you'll have a better idea of how you'll face the day.

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2. Practice gratitude.

You should be your number one cheerleader! Celebrate and be grateful for big and small wins. Thank your body for keeping you alive during a pandemic. Be grateful even for the littlest things like a perfect cup of coffee or the fact that you'll get to watch the latest episode of your fave K-drama.


3. Take the right supplements.

We need vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to keep our bodies healthy. We can get these from food, but we can boost our intake with the help of supplements. We're lucky that we have lots of options in the market, so just choose supplements that will help support your health goals. Just remember that you still need to eat right, and supplements are meant to reinforce your daily diet.


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4. Mesh your to-do list with your goals.

We tend to procrastinate because our list of personal goals (aka the things you really want in your life for yourself) may seem like a vague, faraway thing. To help you move a step closer to your goal, ask yourself if there is at least one item in your to-do list that serves as an action plan for your goal. For example, you want to learn how to bake. As simple as watching a YouTube tutorial about baking brownies is a baby step. (If you have more time, buy the ingredients and make your own batch of brownies!)

5. Get moving.

Working out every day isn't feasible especially when you're not used to doing it. To help you form a habit, think of your workout sesh as an appointment with yourself that you shouldn't miss. Gradually incorporate a fitness routine by doing 10-minute sessions twice or thrice a week. After 14 days, do a 15-minute workout routine, and so on.


Also, movement doesn't just come in a form of a workout. House chores like mopping the floor, watering the plants, and doing the laundry are also forms of movement. Any activity that gets you off your bed or chair is still moving your body! Don't pressure yourself to work out five days a week if your schedule can't accommodate it.


6. Look after your skin.

Your skin is the largest organ in the body so it needs all the help it could get. It's not about being excessive with your routine. Cleansing, moisturizing, and protecting are actually the basic steps you ought to know. Think about doing your regimen as a way of thanking your skin for protecting your body.

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7. Set time blocks.

Time management is such a big word. It's hard to accomplish especially when you're overwhelmed with the number of tasks you currently have. Instead of staring at your to-do list and just finishing them one after another, set aside time blocks or deadlines for each task. For example, you'll give yourself 30 minutes to check emails, an hour and a half to go over a deck, and an hour to take care of admin tasks. You'll manage to work more efficiently with this method.

6. Take mini restorative breaks.

You are not a machine that needs to run 24/7. You need to take a break so you can function well. Restorative breaks come in the form of the following: Drinking water (only takes 10 seconds!), a five-minute period of watching a GV video on YouTube, or a quick stretching session. Any activity that will help you feel refreshed and energized will fall under this category. (If you're lucky to work from home, take a 30-minute nap on your lunch break!)


7. Don't neglect feminine care.

Especially on red days! Periods are not exactly the most comfortable thing in the world so let's make things more bearable by washing and protecting our feminine area. On regular days, using a gentle cleansing product will help prevent the vulva from getting dry or itchy. If your puson hurts, grab a warm compress to help ease the discomfort. Rest if needed.


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8. Speak kindly to yourself.

During tough days, we tend to talk to ourselves like a parent: Criticizing and often pointing out our mistakes. While there's nothing wrong with being self-aware of our areas of improvement, it pays to have our inner voice speak kind, encouraging words to ourselves.

Whenever you are faced with a challenge or you're stuck in a slump, don't blame yourself for "not doing enough." Always remember this phrase: Progress over perfection. 



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