Buying a house of your own is a great goal to set for yourself, but if you haven’t started saving up for it or even started strategizing payment terms, then your dream house shall remain just that—a dream. Now before you give up hope of ever buying a house of your own, remember this: nothing is impossible. Sure, a house is not as easy to save up for as, say, a three-day vacation abroad, but in the end, wouldn’t it be worth it? Your house, no matter how opulent or simple it may turn out to be, will be yours.

Think about it. Would you want to go home to somebody else’s apartment or to a place you can legally call your own? Do you want to keep paying the rent monthly or start paying for your own home? If your answers all point to wanting your own place, then here are some tips to help you save up for your dream home:

(First published as "Marie Claire's Ultimate Money Guide" in the "Money Special" section of Marie Claire's June 2008 issue. Adapted for use in Female Network. Additional reporting by Jennifer Chan. Photo by Sarah Ross via Flickr Creative Commons.)

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