People welcomed the New Year in different ways. Some wore red underwear, others put on their polka-dotted clothes. In our home, we recited prosperity mantras, threw coins all over the house, and counted money—all of which would supposedly bring better luck. While we all like to believe that we make our own fortune, it certainly doesn’t hurt to have a little help.

Last 2013, we welcomed the year of the water snake with a list feng shui tips from K. Sherab Chosang. As the year of the wood horse sets in, the feng shui master gives FN readers more insight as to what we can expect from 2014 and what we can do to bring in more luck. Check out our interview with him below:

FN: How different is last year's year of the snake from this year's year of the horse?

K. Sherab Chosang (KSC): In summary, it was a year full of attention-grabbers, whether living or non-living things. On the financials, it was also a year when some people saw their incomes increased through a second or third source of livelihood or opportunity, especially those who were in scholastic or spiritual pursuits. These people generally fell into the category of those who were consistent, reliable, optimistic, solid, calm, and with regal or noble bearing. This year has indications of passion, energy, and vibrance prevailing [in] the air. We will continue to see more of benevolence, generosity, and positivity. For various reasons just like last year, some could still come out to grab our attention.

FN: Which animal signs are expected to receive good fortune this year?

KSC: It would be inaccurate to enumerate which signs are lucky or unlucky by merely basing analysis on the animal sign of one’s year of birth. A sensible counselor could only give out proper advice if there is a complete set of birth information which consists of the year, month, day, and time of a person’s birth.

For the benefit of the readers, the highly probable kinds of luck that people will experience [are] based on their individual life charts. This could be a rewarding year in the fields of academics, research, creative, or literary fields; this could be a depressing or lonely year to some, others might see a boost in their romance, some will be having work-related travels, others could have poor health, others will have undesirable results out of love and relationships, others will have opportunities to network and meet people, others might have to take care more of their kidneys, or this could be a recovery time from illness with a great sense of being for some. Financial luck may not be obvious, but they could simply mean to be an indirect result from any of the positive outlook above.

FN: Do you have any tips to help people welcome the year of the horse?

KSC: To welcome the year of the wood horse, it is advisable to conduct a general cleaning and de-cluttering of the physical surroundings in the homes and offices. After general cleaning, a rearrangement of the surrounding might be necessary in order to ensure that the spaces are conducive to the new good fortunes of 2014 and energies of illnesses and misfortunes are kept out of the way. This is the time when it would be wise to invite a seasoned feng shui consultant whose expertise would help ensure that updating the annual feng shui of a property is done properly and thoroughly.

For consultations on correct feng shui of homes, offices, or establishments, contact K. Sherab Chosang at +63919-9989-168. You can also e-mail him at

(Photo by Choo Yut Shing via Flickr Creative Commons)

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