After enjoying a hard-earned manicure at the end of a long week and seeing that your nail technician put in extra effort in buffing and cleaning your nail beds, you reach for your walletcarefully, as not to ruin the polishand pull out what many have come to call "gratuity." You pause to consider just how much you should tip. Do you follow a percentage rule?

There are many aspects to consider when tippingthe quality of service, your location, your budget, and your relationship with the business. Once you've figured these out, consult this handy guide to just how much people from respective fields of service expect from you.

Hair Salons

Hairstylist: P100 and up

Creative Director: P100 or gifts

In Manila, percentage tipping is not applicable to the price of your service, advises Lourd Ramos of Creations by Lourd Ramos salon. Clients normally tip on "direct-hand tipping any amount they want to give." Their thanks need not be in monetary form, too. In Lourd's experience, his customers sometimes send him gifts. The same can be said for Jude Hipolito and Rose Velasco of JURO Salon Exclusif, who receive a gratuity in kind, like food and other gift items. Although, Jude feels that tipping is not compulsory nor obligatory.

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Nail Salons

Nail technicians: P50 to P100

As a nail salon owner, Monica Hing of Organail suggests you shell out nothing less than P50 when you are satisfied with the service. Anything over a hundred might be too much.


Staff: 10 percent of the bill

But what if there's already service charge, you ask? Maita Quesada of the Moment Group believes that there is no standard amount when tipping, so factor in your total experience, your capacity, the amount of service charge, and the total bill. The public relations head however shares that ever since she's worked in the restaurant business, she's seen how grueling and thankless scenes behind the kitchen counter could be, which is why she's personally always given tips regardless of service charge. The exception: When you encounter service that did not meet expectations, you could lessen the usual amount. 


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Valets: 10 percent of the bill

Bellboys/Porters: P100

A general rule is always to tip those most helpful to you from the porter who brings your bag to your room to the exceptional concierge that books you a table at the restaurant everyone's been raving about.


Uber drivers: No tips expected

Head of communications Cat Avelino speaks for the transportation company when she says that tipping is not expected from riders. "Riders typically rate the quality of their trip using a five-star system on the app," she says. However, tipping is certainly not out of the question, "If a rider wishes to tip a driver for outstanding service, we certainly don't discourage it."

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