article_rugs-for-the-home.jpgAs early as the days of cavemen, when they hunted animals and used their skins for clothing and housing, humans have used rugs for shelter and warmth. Weaving was also known to exist in ancient times; grasses and reeds were intertwined to provide insulation for walls and floors. As the weaving technology developed, looms got more intricate and the materials became more luxurious and lasting. Rugs have become as much a part of a home’s décor as they were to its infrastructure.

The terms "rug" and "carpet" are often interchangeable, except that carpets normally refer to larger pieces, while rugs cover smaller areas. "A rug can complete and provide a finished look for an interior," says interior design professor Hannah Acab-Faustino. "It brings into unity all the details in terms of furnishings and accessories. If a rug successfully harmonizes with the rest of the furniture and furnishings, it becomes a powerful means to provide warmth and cohesiveness that ties all the elements of the room together, making it a good focal point." It’s also a good way of delineating spaces without the need for walls or partitions, she adds.

(First published as “From Rugs to Riches” in the "Décor Ideas" section of Real Living Philippines' May 2010 issue. Adapted for use in Female Network. Photo by Jard Tarbell via Flickr Creative Commons.)

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