If you’re using Facebook’s Search Engine to merely find a person, you’re missing quite a lot. That white bar located on the upper left side of your screen does wonders, and many people just aren't just maximizing its potential.


Aside from finding your elementary classmates or that newly hired chick, FB’s Search Engine also allows you to know your friend’s friends, what are your friends’ “likes,” what’s happening around your area, and even your friends’ FB activities! Don’t believe it? Check out our list of Facebook Search Engine hacks below.

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1. Find people

Let’s start with the most basic: FB’s Search Engine allows you to find people—to befriend or stalk is up to you. Apart from directly typing the person’s name, you can also customize your search based on the city, level of education, work, and mutual friends, by clicking the options on the right side of the screen. You can also optimize your search by using the following keywords:

Friends of my friends

Type these words to get to know who the friends of your friends are. If you’re curious, you can also search friends of your friends who are single! Just type “friends of my friends who are single” and swipe right, err, “add as friend,” we mean.

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Friends of (name of your FB friend)

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a specific person’s FB friends, you can simply type the phrase above. Who needs a wingman when you can just add her up, right?

2. Find interests

You can also search for people who have common interests as yours. For example, if you have an extra ticket to a movie or concert, and want to share it with someone who’s also a fan, simply type the keywords “Friends who like (insert interest/page here)” and there you’ll see your friends who also “liked” that movie or band!

3. Find photos and videos of your FB friends

Take your curiosity to the next level by searching for your friend’s photos or videos—from the most recent to the oldest one. Just type the words “Photos (or videos) of (name of your FB friend)” and have fun browsing. You can also search photos or videos that your friends “liked” by typing “Photos (or videos) liked by (name of your FB friend).” Or if you’re looking for photos of videos that are totally unrelated to your friends, simply type whatever you're thinking on the FB’s Search Engine.  


4. Find your (and your friends’) past Facebook activity

If you want to check out something that you recently “liked” but can’t find that photo or post anymore, just type the words “Photos (or posts) liked by me” and there you’ll see all the photos or posts that you “liked.” You can also use this to find out what your friends recently “liked” as well (just replace “me” with the name of your FB friend). 

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5. Find restaurants, hotels, and other establishments near you

In case you’re hungry and want to grab some grub, let FB’s Search Engine help satisfy that craving. Simply type the keywords “Restaurants nearby,” and you'll see options that are near you. You can also do this when searching for hotels, services, and other establishments. You may also replace the word “nearby” with a specific place—for example “Restaurants in Quezon City.”


6. Find what’s viral and trending online

You can also search for what's currently trending by typing the keywords “Posts about (your chosen topic)” or simply by using hashtags.

7. Find the owner of a specific phone (or mobile) number

You can also search for the owner of a phone or mobile number through FB's Search Engine. Simply type that number, click the magnifying glass button, and see for yourself (this only works if the person’s number is set to “public”)!

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This story originally appeared on Fhm.com.ph.

* Minor edits have been made by the Femalenetwork.com editors.

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