Still have the same old four-poster bed, bubblegum pink walls, and—be honest, now—Backstreet Boys posters in your bedroom? Perhaps it’s about time you give your quarters a makeover. After all, you’re no longer that same 13-year-old teen who couldn’t wait to have a boyfriend. Now, you’re a sophisticated young lady with a much more distinguished taste in men (among other things), and it's just right that your room reflect that, too. So, if you’re ready to kick that gawky teenager out of your bedroom, make sure you do the following:


1. Give your walls a new hue.

If you’ve been stuck with light pink walls all your life, here’s your chance to shake things up. Go to a hardware store, and take your time browsing through their color samples. Do you think something along the lines of turquoise or gray would suit your grown-up self more? Try out a DIY painting trick or two, too. Can't decide on a color theme? Consider using wallpaper instead.

2. Replace your bed.

Have you been sleeping in the same bed all your life? Then it’s time to give it (and maybe even your mattress) the boot. You can either upgrade from a single to a queen or exercise more of your decision-making skills on your choice of headboard (tufted headboards look quite classy). While you’re at it, you should invest in a new set of sheets as well.

3. Organize your vanity table.

Keep your precious jewelry under lock and key, then curate which of the remaining pieces should be put on display. A metal tray or an interesting mug or goblet can help you keep track of all your treasures as well as serve as pretty eye candy.

4. Fix your fixtures.

Say goodbye to your old fluorescent lights and replace them with something that has more character like a chandelier. Get a small one in an unexpected color or shape, so it becomes the focal point of your room.

5. Add a work of art.

Another way to give your bedroom an instant update is by hanging a nice artwork on the wall or by displaying it in one corner of the room. Visit local art galleries for sophisticated pieces that reflect your own tastes, but steer clear of anything that might seem too much like children’s art.

(From L-R: Photo from Follow Pics via Sandra Rodriguez on Pinterest, photo from The Glitter Guide via Worldtraveller on Pinterest)

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