Inspired by Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach's gracious win at the recently concluded and much-talked about Miss Universe pageant, we scoured Pinterest for bedroom pegs and ideas that are perfect for a beauty queen.

If you're thinking of giving your own private space a makeover, you can work with a few luxurious touches to make it even more relaxing and inviting. Here are five ideas to consider and photos to save for future reference:

Pair mirrors with a captivating work of art.1


What do usually see in castles? If you're like me who grew up watching fairy tales, I'm sure you're familiar with ornate mirrors and chandeliers that are usually seen in grand palaces. If you can't have a chandelier in the bedroom, you can have a work of art instead that can serve as a focal point that can liven up a plain wall. Consider placing two identical mirrors on each side for a balanced look.

Photo from Pinterest via Cat Empress.

Choose fancy sheets.

When it comes to sprucing up the bed, you can never go wrong with lace pieces. You don't necessarily have to use pure lace items (it can be a bit itchy)–you may opt for sheets with lace trimmings. Go for sheets and pillows in soft shades of pink.

Photo from Horchow.

Keep it simple with well-curated pieces.

Much as we would like to display fancy items and accessories, we need to keep in mind that the bedroom needs to be comfy and relaxing. Having too many items can result in a cluttered and cramped space that can make you feel overwhelmed and stressed.

If you have a plain wall, choose one big piece as a wall accent. It can be a lovely mirror with interesting details or a work of art that depicts faraway lands and huge castles.

Photo from Driven by Decor.

Maintain privacy with a canopy bed.

Another common feature seen in castle bedrooms are thick drapes and canopy beds that give occupants that much-needed privacy. You can also work with thick fabric to accomplish this look, but given our country's climate, I suggest working on a DIY project that makes use of sheer white curtains. These curtains can still let light and air into your space while adding a sophisticated touch.

Photo from This is Glamorous.

Work with frames.

Palaces usually have hallways featuring paintings of past kings and queens. You don't need to fill your room with big works of art that can make the space seem smaller! A welcome alternative would be to decorate one wall with framed photographs and crafts. Achieve a quirky vibe by working with frames in different sizes, styles, and colors.

Complete your gallery wall with a lovely mirror in the middle.

Bonus Tip: Depending on the space that you have, you can also add a few extra pieces to your space to make it royalty-approved! Consider adding a wing chair, a side table for your essentials, or a divan to accommodate guests.

Photo from Charmette via Tumblr.

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