With the mushrooming of condominium developments in various parts of the country, more families are choosing to set up abode in these modern structures.

And even with all the modern amenities that come with this kind of setup, there is still the problem of limited space. Unless you shelled out an insane amount of cash to purchase an entire floor, you’ll most likely have to face the challenge of fitting all your belongings (plus those that you will acquire throughout your stay) in a one-bedroom or studio unit.


Aside from using dual-purpose furniture (like an ottoman that doubles as a storage bin for magazines), there are other ways to help you manage your limited space. Read on and find out how!

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1. Use your ceiling.

When you think you’ve used all the available space at home try to look up for other possibilities. Yep--the ceiling can be used as storage, too! Try installing hooks or a sturdy pot rack in the kitchen, so you have an area to hang your pots and pans. You won’t believe how much space you can free up from your kitchen counter and cabinets.

2. Use now-you-see-it-now-you-don't furniture.

Purchase and install home items that can be folded away neatly into a wall when not in use, like a drop-down ironing board for instance. The regular one can be such an eye sore, and it eats up so much space when not in use.

You can also have a guest bed (or your bed, which works well in studio units) that can be folded away into the wall. There are also dining tables with foldable extenders that allow owners to make the table longer or shorter depending on the number of diners.

3. Use sheer curtain dividers instead of bulky wooden ones.


When you’re living in a studio unit and you want to divide the space into different sections, you can opt to use fabric curtains. They serve the same purpose and use very little space. Plus, sheer curtain dividers lets more natural light in, which makes rooms look more spacious, bright, and airy.

4. Don't stock up on too much furniture.

Extra air space provides the illusion of spaciousness. Stick to the basics, and go for pieces that you could also use for storage.

5. Declutter and sell regularly.

There is no place for hoarders in condominium units. You cannot be sentimental and hold on to prized love letters and gifts from an old flame. Neither can you stack up on old ice cream containers that take up too much space. Regularly go through your stuff at home and organize them accordingly. If you think you wouldn't be able to use several items in the near future, sell or give those away instead.

(Illustration by Sabrina Lajara)

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