Need a place where you can think or read uninterrupted for several hours? We hear you! Whether you live alone or with other people, here’s how you can create your own private nook.

1. Define its purpose.
Why do you want a small corner to yourself? Is to write your dissertation in? Maybe catch up on your reading? If so, then you’ll need to look for an area in your home that's peaceful and conducive to productivity. Is your private nook where you intend to paint or draw? Then perhaps a corner closer to the windows—where natural light is abundant—is a good idea.

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2. Keep away from busy areas.
As much as possible, don’t choose an area with considerably high traffic. If you don’t want to be disturbed, you need to be a little less accessible. Some people have nooks under the stairs, up in the attic, and sometimes, even in a closet, minus the doors, of course!

3. Make it private.
You can use curtains to keep yourself a little secluded. Wall screens or dividers are also a good idea—they don’t just shield you from the rest of the household; they also add more character to your home.

4. Think small.
By its very definition, a nook is supposed to be compact, so choose your pieces carefully. If you want to make use of your grandfather’s wingback chair, for example, perhaps you ought to trade its accompanying writing desk for a smaller side table. And instead of a table lamp, consider switching to wall sconces or a standing fixture.

5. Add a few personal touches.
Make your space truly your own. A few suggestions: Keep a candle in your favorite scent nearby, a copy of your favorite book on the desk, or a stash of your favorite chocolates in the drawer.

(Photo from Apartment Therapy via Jodi Fritch on Pinterest)

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