Holidays are the best time to go green. The cool December weather means you don't have to turn on the airconditioning unit as often, and the spirit of giving means you're allowed to regift the odd present every now and then. But what drives a lot of people to try green living every Christmas has to be the abundance of DIY projects around. Thanks to creative geniuses who generously share their bright crafting ideas online, you can probably make all your holiday decor from what you already have at home! But before you go crazy with your glue gun, check out these quick tips first!

1. Use existing resources.
Make do with what you already have. Be creative with your holiday decorations. Do you have any Christmas-themed books? Display them on the coffee table or give them a prominent place on the shelf for all to see. Still have candles from last November? Tie gold and green or gold and red ribbons around them for a more festive feel. And instead of buying a Christmas tree, focus all your attention on your tiny potted plant. Having a small tree to work with means you don't have to use as many ornaments or as many lights—think energy conservation.

2. Learn to upcycle.
If you don't have any kind of plant life in your home, you can create your Christmas tree out of something else. Upcycle old newspapers, foil, and even just random leaves (checheck out this collection of alterna-trees). Have you just emptied your mayonnaise jar? Turn it into a cool snow globe. All you need is water, glycerin, glitter, and your choice of Christmas figurine. Try to get everyone in the family involved. Ask the kids to pitch more upcycling ideas or organize a weekend of arts and crafts. This way, upcycling can become less an obligation and more of a tradition.

3. Store your decor properly.
You've done a good job of coming up with eco-friendly decorations for this year. Don't let all your efforts go to waste by throwing them all in the bin come New Year's Day. Store your tree, your wreaths, and your figurines in tightly sealed boxes, so you can use them all again next year. Don't expose them to sunlight, but don't just leave them unattended in a dark corner, either. Make sure you sweep your storage area regularly to keep dust and mice at bay.

(Photo by Klara via Flickr Creative Commons)

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