No, FNites. We did not get the title wrong, although we couldn’t believe it at first either. But the truth is as plain as day. According to, people may actually be more stressed when they’re at home.

Researchers observed the stress levels of 122 participants by studying their saliva samples, and found that their levels of the stress hormone cortisol may be more likely to spike when at home than at work. The same results hold up even in those who don’t have children. Interestingly enough, interviews with the volunteers revealed that they felt more stressed out during workdays than non-workdays.

Study co-author and Penn State sociologist Sarah Damaske, PhD, believes that there is a simple explanation for the unexpected results. Referencing studies which associate steady jobs with improved mental and physical health, she explains that the sense of satisfaction people get from fulfilling professional obligations, as opposed to equally important but seemingly insignificant tasks at home, may play a factor in decreasing work stress.

Dealing with stress can be difficult, but Sarah says that the best way to lower your cortisol levels, whether in or out of the office, is to be more flexible. Being able to make time for both your boss and your family is really the key to keeping stress at bay.

(Photo by Rach via Flickr Creative Commons)

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