Many people have the connotation that men drink more than women, but a recent study on suggests that this may not be entirely true; men do drink more often than women, but women drink more than men during the few times that they do.

Researchers from the HealthyFit group at the University of Vigo in Spain delved into the lifestyles of 985 university students by analyzing their physical activities, eating habits, and even illegal drug use and alcohol consumption. They found out that many lived unhealthily, and that women weren’t that behind from men when it came to physically bad behaviors.

According to the results, 56 percent of women participants drank more and got tipsy faster than their male counterparts.

Unfortunately, based on the report, female participants didn’t only drink more, they also lived more sedentary lives--only 20.9 percent of the female participants did any kind of physical activity as compared to the 38.6 percent of the males. Moreover, “anomalous attitudes towards food” such as binge eating were more prominent university women (16.6 percent) as opposed to men (8.8 percent).

The study shows that many women may need to be more watchful of their lifestyles. Drinking once in a while is okay, but only do so in moderation. It’s also important to start getting physical by running, going to a gym, or joining a sport. Healthy living only needs motivation and discipline, and the rest will follow.

(Photo by San Sharma via Flickr Creative Commons)

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