If there are any gentlemen reading this, then you might want to keep your laptop away from your laps; a study published in the medical journal Fertility and Sterility has discovered that laptops connected to Wi-Fi can cause damage to your sperm.

Researchers from Argentina and the US came to this conclusion when they left sample sperms taken from 29 healthy men with an average age of 34 exposed to electromagnetic radiation. After four hours of sitting under a Wi-Fi connected laptop, 25 percent of the samples were no longer mobile, while 9 percent showed actual DNA damage. Away from the laptop, only 14 percent were rendered immobile, but they still showed minimal DNA damage. And even without Wi-Fi connection, sperm samples still suffered when in proximity with a working laptop.


While the factors that heighten damage or cause the problem in the first place have yet to be determined, there is another study which points at heat as the primary trigger for the breakdown of sperm. Dubbed as scrotal hyperthermia, it’s a condition that can happen to any man out there.

So if you and your partner are serious about having a baby, then you might want to limit the time he spends working on his laptop--or make sure he doesn't actually work with it on his lap. Give him something to preoccupy himself with instead, and you just might find yourselves saddled with a bundle of joy in a matter of months.

(Photo by ElvertBarnes via Flickr Creative Commons)

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