Here's why bananas would make a smart addition to your daily dietary needs.

They are natural antidepressants.


Did you know that bananas can help fight depression? They contain high levels of tryptophan, which, in turn, gets converted to serotonin—a neurochemical that is in charge of inducing the happy mood in our brains. For an extra boost of happiness, why not make frozen bananas? You can't go wrong with this chocolate recipe here.

They ease digestion.
About 2.5 grams of fiber can be found in a six-inch banana. About half of the said fiber weight is insoluble fiber. The main job of insoluble fiber is to sweep up the waste it encounters when it makes its way through your digestive tract. A clear indication that you are getting the right amount of fiber in your diet is when your bowel movements happen regularly. Read: they are soft and easy to pass. If the struggle is real, girl, you better swing to your nearest grocery and grab some bananas!

They help with weight loss.
Curbing a craving for sweets can be tough for someone who has a natural sweet tooth. A banana is a healthy option to snack on when that craving hits. Before you reach for a banana-Q or a turon, however, consider a one-ounce serving of banana chips instead. Our tip: Avoid oil-laden commercial packets by baking your own. It's so easy to do. Try this cinnamon banana chip recipe from this site. In case you didn't know, cinnamon is good at keeping your blood sugar and cholesterol levels low.

They're energy boosters.

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Sports fans will probably notice a player or athlete snacking on a banana in between games. Just like energy bars, sports drinks, and electrolyte gels, bananas can offer the same push. What's even better is that the average banana only contains 100 calories. Adding a tablespoon of peanut butter to pre- or post- workout bananas packs in additional protein to help you move better on those monkey bars.

They fight The Big C.
We are exposed to numerous toxins on a daily basis. They can be in the food we eat, what we drink, the products we apply, or in the environment we are in. The good news: recent animal research conducted by the Japanese has shown that fully ripe bananas with dark specks on the skin seem to help increase the white blood cell count in our bodies, which builds up our natural immunity against cancerous cells. Make breakfast even more important by loading up on overnight oats infused with this monkey favorite fruit or go with a no-fuss Filipino classic, the boiled plantain, also known as nilagang saba, which can easily be spotted in canteens and in the baskets of street peddlers.

They're the perfect cure for hangovers.
If you went ape over the open bar at last night's wedding, chances are, you've woken up with one major hangover. To avoid throwing a monkey wrench into your activities for the day, dump a couple of bananas in a blender, add milk or yogurt, crushed ice, and some berries. The more organic your ingredients are, the better your recovery drink will turn out to be.

They cure smoking addiction
Believe it or not, a banana can help wean people off their nicotine habits. With vitamins such as potassium, magnesium, B6, and B12, bananas can help individuals who wish to recover from their cigarette addiction.

They help treat certain skin problems.
Aside from all the nutrients and minerals one can gain from eating the fruit, its peel is also very beneficial for the human skin. Banana skins are actually effective in treating various skin ailments including acne and psoriasis. Gently rub the freshly-peeled skin on the affected area and leave overnight. Results are often visible within a couple of weeks, but will vary from person to person. Initial redness is to be expected but will improve over time. If you have any concerns, conduct a small patch test first.


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