Find yourself tearing up after reading some of our hugot stories? Have a friend who can't help but cry even though it's her 10th time watching The Notebook? According to researchers from the University of California, Monmouth University and the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, that's totally normal. Some people just respond more emotionally to their environments. Think you're one of them? This means that you have "greather blood flow to areas of the brain involved with emotion, awareness and empathy."

While this probably makes you a great listener, researchers say that it also makes you more likely to focus on negative things. Don't get swept away by sad emotions and look at the bright side instead. Need help turning your frown upside down? Here are a few tips to help you cope with your feelings.

Have a get happy buddy.
She's the one you message when you get reprimanded by your boss for a work boo-boo or when you come across disturbing news online. Likewise, you help her get out of her slump on Monday mornings and cheer her up during depressing meetings.

Watch feel-good movies.
Is it almost the weekend? Make a list of lighthearted films you and your family can watch all day. Start with our selections here!

Look through your IG feed.
Treat yourself to five minutes of pure, unadulterated double-tapping pleasure. Check out our Instagram account @femalenetwork. You know you want to!

PHOTO: Pixabay

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