Feeling sluggish? A recent study on ScienceDaily.com says that what you eat may actually affect how sleepy or awake you feel during the day.

Researchers worked with 31 healthy individuals between ages 18 and 65 years in a sleep lab for four days. Meals were provided five times a day to assess what kind of diet gives the feeling of drowsiness or alertness. At the end of the trial, the participants underwent the Multiple Sleep Latency Test (MSLT), which is commonly used to explore how quickly a person falls asleep during daytime.

The results showed that those who consume fatty foods were more prone to daytime sleepiness, while those who ate carbohydrate-rich foods felt more awake.

The best way to stay alert during your waking hours is to lower your fat intake, and to mix just enough carbohydrates in your meals. A balanced diet won’t only keep you feeling light and awake, but will also help you stay healthy.

(Photo by Justin De La Ornellas via Flickr Creative Commons)

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