While it’s true that you should never skip meals or deprive yourself of food when you’re trying to lose weight, it’s also important to watch what you eat. Here, what you should avoid to curb your cravings and help you shed those pounds.

Frozen meals
These meals are said to be loaded with sodium, a natural preservative, to make them last extra longer when you put them in the freezer. The bad news is, sodium makes you retain water that can cause you to feel bloated.


Rachel Harvest, a registered dietician affiliated with Tournesol Wellness in New York, says that you consume all the calories from all the oranges without the natural fruit fibers that make you feel full. It takes several oranges before you can make a six-ounce glass of orange juice and "even 100 percent juice is just empty calories and another blood sugar spike."

Low-fat food
According to research, people are 30 percent more prone to overeating when they know that they're eating a food that's low fat. So the next time you consume anything that’s labeled as low-fat, be conscious of how much you’re actually having.

Alcoholic drinks

Setting aside the taste and enjoyment it gives you, alcohol contains empty calories and doesn’t provide your body any nutrients at all. Dr. Caroline Cederquist, MD, creator of bistroMD, says that when you drink alcohol, the liver makes it a top priority to flush them out. If your liver is busy doing this, it won’t be able to burn fat well.

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